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RMAA Group is an independent Russian full service marketing and advertising agency. Specialists of RMAA Group will help your company with media planning in Russia, media buying and also strategy planning in Russia and in CIS countries. Specialists of the RMAA Group actively work with TNS Gallup Media, use the technology of sale by means of GRP ratings. Our media plans will make your advertising message to be watched, read, listened by the right audience. RMAA Group's team deals with all media formats – radio, TV, print, indoor\outdoor, internet.

Strategic planning in Russia is very important process, especially, when foreign company enters the Russian market. So, it`s important, that this work should be carried out by professionals of their business, who can objectively and precisely estimate all variants and give accurate and competent recommendations. Our experts will take into consideration all specific features of both your company and the region, that will allow you to reach the maximum effect and will allow the company to be more marketable.

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TV advertising

TV advertising continues to be an unique means of promotion, covering nearly 100%. Despite the widespread presence of the Internet, television is still the media №1 in Russia, which makes it an ideal channel to promote the brand at the federal level. At the same time, a wide reach complicates the segmentation of the audience and necessitates a thorough preparation of the advertising strategy. TV advertising is bright and impressive. It handles images, has a wide range of expressive means and is easy to remember. However, for effective TV promotion it is important to wisely select the channel, choose the time and develop a strategy. It is worth remembering that the Russian legislation imposes a number of restrictions on TV advertising.

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Radio advertising

Radio advertising has a number of important advantages. First of all, it is a relatively low cost of contact with a broad coverage. At the same time, radio advertising has a wide range of possibilities for audience segmentation as well as various forms of presentation. Radio advertising is a good choice to start your advertising campaign, because radio format perfectly disposes to provision of information: the emergence of a new brand, new store, and new service.

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Press advertising

Advertising in the print press remains relevant. Printed publications have unique opportunities for audience segmentation: geography, gender, age, income level, range of interests – up to the distribution to the people known in advance - for publications distributed by subscription. In addition, in the print press, apart from advertisements you can accommodate publications informing about the brand or product.

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Online advertising

Runet audience currently stands at about 85 million people, while banner advertising is still one of the main ways of promotion in the network. This type of promotion has a sufficiently wide reach, flexible system of audience segmentation and a number of options for implementation: classic ad banners, video, game banners. Using of the banner advertising requires a selective approach to the site for placement and elaboration of the audience.

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Out of home advertising

OOH advertising - one of the flagships of the advertising industry in the big cities. The pace of urbanization in Russia continue to remain high, which means outdoor advertising continues to be a trend. RMAA Group offers the possibility of advertising on the banners, street TV-screens, in shopping and business centers, as well as in public transport: underground, ground transportation, trains and planes. This type of promotion will be effective both at the federal and local levels - within a city. The main thing is to choose the right advertising strategy.


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