Social Media Marketing in Russia

Social Media Marketing in Russia

There was a real revolution in Russia in the field of social networking over the past ten years. Today, it is a powerful communication channel with a monthly audience of more than 50 million people. In addition to the potentially broad coverage, promotion in the Russian social networks has flexibility of audience targeting. RMAA Group offers a wide range of services and tools to promote in Russian social networks.

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Paid Social

Today all of the most popular social networks in Russia provides an opportunity to advertise. It can be either a user post in a news feed and banner placement. Such advertising has the most flexible targeting settings. Your ads will be shown to users of a certain age, sex or marital status. Ads can also be set to show users in a certain region or in any particular time.

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Social Media Strategy

Today the most massive and active social network in Russia is Vkontakte with more than 50 million of active users. At the same time, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram continue to develop and increase their audience. Several outdated blogs remain active, audience of professional networks such as Linkedin grow, and completely new instruments, such as Periscope appear. While develop the media strategy it is important to pick up a set of tools that are suitable for your needs, combining the promotion at different platforms.

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Content Development & Distribution

Content marketing today is the basis of promoting brands on social networks. There are many opportunities to spread your content in the Russian social networks: the development of thematic groups, banner ads, ad posts in communities, spread of viral videos. They use different content formats: articles, interesting facts, humor, contests, webinars, etc. The quality and uniqueness of the information that you associate with your brand has a great importance. It is also important to choose the right site for your target audience and speak the same language with it.

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Influencer Marketing

Promotion through agents of influence is a relatively new way to promote, but many brands have already used it. In Russia today, popular bloggers, journalists, musicians, movie and TV stars deal with such kind of advertising. The most frequently used platforms are Instagram, Youtube and Livejournal. Friendly advice from an opinion leader is not perceived by his audience as a direct advertisement, which makes this method particularly effective. However, such advertising must be very selective: the relevance of mentions of your brand by opinion leaders is of great importance.


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