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RMAA Group specializes in online advertising in Russia for Asian, European and American companies which are interested in Russian consumers. Our vast experience, professionalism, high quality and performance allows us to achieve many different goals for our foreign customers from increasing sales to branding on the Internet. Internet advertising websites are the fastest and most effective way of advertising. Due to the relationship of efficiency and price, it surpasses all other known forms of advertising. Presently, advertising on the Russian Internet is one of the cheapest and effective ways to attract potential customers.

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing remains the major strategy of promotion on the Internet today. The two main components of search engine marketing are optimizing the site for search engines and placing advertisements in Yandex and Google AdWords contextual advertising systems. It is worth noting that, as of today, contextual advertising is the most relevant way of advertising on the Internet. It takes up 80% of the total Internet advertising in Russia and shows growth even in time of crisis.

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Display Ad

The classic way to promote on the Internet - banner advertising - also does not lose its relevance. Competent selection of the site and display time allows you to show the ads to your target audience. Besides the selection of the site, there are a number of parameters by which the audience can be targeted: interests of the user, key request, geolocation. In addition, much depends on the correct choice of the type of a banner because it is essential to attract and retain the attention of the visitor without driving away by banner obtrusiveness.

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Social Media Marketing

The monthly audience of the social network Vkontakte is 46 million people, those of Odnoklassniki - 31 million, the Russian segment of Facebook - 21 million people. Instagram in Russia shows the high rates of growth of the audience, now it is 12 million people. There is no doubt that promotion in the social networks remain relevant. Russian social networks today provide different options for promotion. They are the official advertising in the form of banners and advertising posts in the user’s feed, promotion of the page or the brand group, publication of advertising texts in special interest communities. Thus, properly selecting the social network and the way to promote, you can reach your target audience.

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Influencer Marketing

A relatively new way of promotion - Influencer Marketing. People today face advertising at every step, and do not tend to pay attention to it. However, an advice from someone you trust or whose tastes the audience are interested in will not only be heard, but also most likely well received. The loyalty of the audience is a significant advantage of this type of promotion. At the same time, such loyalty should not be abused: the audience should not blame its idol for advertising. Therefore, it is important, to choose the right agent of influence for the purposes of your campaign and select an unobtrusive form of a recommendation.

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Email Marketing

One of the oldest and trusted forms of advertising on the Internet - E-mail marketing. It enables advertising targeted to specific individuals who may be interested in your product. However, the effective use of this tool requires long preparatory work needed to form the desired address list, as well as a thorough work on the content of the letter. The title, content and design of the letter are no less important. There are many methods to make the newsletter interesting and attract the attention of the recipient.



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