Advertising and Marketing service in Uzbekistan

Advertising agency in Uzbekistan, Media Buying service

RMAA Group – Russian full service advertising agency offers effective advertising support of foreign brands, developing promising markets of the CIS countries.

We pay particular attention for campaign organization in Central Asian states. For example, for advertising placement in Uzbekistan, we do not limit our work translating advertising texts into Uzbek language, but carefully prepare advertising adaptation of foreign products and services to the market of a Muslim country.

Without these steps, well-proven in Europe advertising strategies do not work here. Advertising products specially designed by the agency (original or adapted) are placed in the capital printed media, on television and on the radio of Uzbekistan, on the Internet and on outdoor, or on so called here – external, advertising.

You should correctly identify target audience even while advertising placement in the capital – Tashkent, large Asian business and cultural center, take into account mentality of people who are used to measured life and special nature of their perception of advertising information. In general, creating emotionally colored, morally neutral ads, using computer technology we achieve effective advertising campaign.

To guarantee ethic responsibility of advertising activity (It’s an important factor of effectiveness of advertising investments in Uzbekistan!), RMAA Group works exclusively with national agencies that comply with the rules regulated by Tashkent Advertising Association.

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