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Promoted Posts on the Example of Russian Social Network Odnoklassniki



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Select the audience you want to show your ads to:

When you set up a campaign, you need to select the audience that you are going to target. There are a variety of parameters that characterize the audience in MyTarget, including socio-demographic, technical and economic characteristics. It is recommended to describe the target audience as detailed as possible – it will help promo pots to get into the news feed of your target audience. 

When you specify age of the target audience you can include younger or older users with similar behavioral characteristics. In addition, in accordance with Russian legislation, it is necessary to indicate age restrictions in advertising of information products.

User interests, that are offered when you set up the target, are determined not only according to actions within the social network, but also based on online behavior of users (websites visited). It should be noted that a group manager can target for groups with a subject similar to advertising post, by simply adding relevant groups in "Audience" section.



The look of an advertising post:

 Promo post looks exactly the same as other posts.

 Advertising can be in any format (in the form of a note with attached survey, music track, photo or image gallery), and can cover the audience advertisers are interested in. This tool will allow group owners to increase the coverage of a particular post (a competition, an image message, research), to solve e-commerce tasks, to promote a group.

 Advantages of ad placement:

 The coverage of a post significantly increases with additional impressions in the social network:  users who are not in a group and do not have friends that are in a group can see, like, comment or re-post the publication. It is important that users outside a group will see a post with "Subscribe" button - so the number of subscribers will grow.

 When advertising is placed through MyTarget system, its target is based on the data about a user, taking into account all his activity on all resources of Mail.Ru Group (including targeting by income, watching TV, search queries, etc.). Remarketing and targeting for other thematic groups are available for promo posts.



You can create your own audience based on data of groups, list of users, applications and games for promo posts. Besides, you can disable paid promo posts for the members of your own group.

The cost for a new format is quite low - about 30 rubles per thousand impressions (CPM). CPC is 0.6 rubles. The cost per click on inbound links - 4.5 rubles (at CTR 0,7%).

 Nutella, Peugeot, Visa and KFC have already tested a new tool



Facebook uses this tool since 2012. However, there are some differences in the use of this tool on Facebook and on "Odnoklassniki".

 1) A temporary limitation of promo posts. 

Posts on Facebook are always advertised for only 3 days and the money spend gradually during the entire period. While campaign period on "Odnoklassniki" is not limited to three days.


2) To run advertising posts

on Facebook, you should already be signed there as an advertiser. You can register on "Odnoklassniki" as a person or an entity, and specify your status: an agency, an advertiser or a partner.

 3) Minimum budget

for a campaign on Facebook is $5, on "Odnoklassniki" - 500 rubles.

In May 2015, social network "VKontakte" has launched promoted posts (is also owned by Group). CTR on the links was also 0,7% (CTR of posts on "Odnoklassniki" is higher), the average CPC - 6,7 rubles against 4.5 rubles on "Odnoklassniki"; CPM of "VKontakte" is lower as well.

 Differences between promo posts on "Odnoklassniki" and similar tool on "VKontakte" are as follows:

1) As it’s a completely new format the cost is quite low (about 30 rubles per thousand impressions).

2) Since promo posts on "Odnoklassniki" are placed through MyTarget system, targeting is based on the data about a user, taking into account all his activity on all resources of Mail.Ru Group (targeting by income, watching TV, search queries and others are available).

3) Remarketing and targeting for other thematic groups are available for this format.

'It is enough to publish a good content in advertising promo post to get a significant free coverage as a result of likes and reposts,’ commented Igor Alferov, Product Director of MyTarget 'Our new advertising format, promo posts on social network Odnoklassniki, in MyTarget platform can increase the advertising effectiveness compared to traditional advertising formats. Mainly, it happens due to additional virtual traffic and the advertiser does not pay for this traffic.’ 



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