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Russian Digital Market Overview

Strategic Insights into Russian
Digital Marketing Landscape

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Authored by RMAA, a full-service marketing agency, this Industry Report provides in-depth insights into:

  • An exploration of the dominant search engines in the Russian market, detailing their market shares and user demographics.
  • An analysis of the user base and engagement levels on key social media platforms like VKontakte, Telegram, and others, as well as emerging platforms with high growth potential.
  • Strategies for identifying target audiences, analyzing competitors, and selecting the right ad platforms to effectively reach and engage with Russian consumers.
  • An overview of essential advertising services, crucial for monitoring and optimizing marketing campaigns.
  • A detailed description of the legislation affecting digital marketing in Russia, outlining the legal requirements and compliance needed for successful advertising practices.
This Industry Report serves as a comprehensive guide for brands looking to navigate the digital landscape in Russia. Now in its fifth edition, updated annually, it offers a detailed exploration of the current ecosystem of the Russian digital market, complete with up-to-date statistics and an overview of the most popular tools and services available.
Whether you're new to the market or looking to refine your existing strategies, this report provides essential insights and practical tactics for effective engagement. Our goal is to demystify the complexities of the Russian digital industry, delivering actionable guidance for achieving impactful results.
Vadim Tylik,

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