18 November 2015


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 Official Advertising Service on Russian Instagram:

Pros, Cons and Forecasts.



Lead: September 30, photo-sharing service Instagram has launched an official advertising service in Russia. Many companies have been looking forward to this option, but their expectations have not been met. What caused that? What are the pros and cons of the new service? How not to lose but to win the audience of the Russian Instagram by means of official advertising? Read in the material of RMAA GROUP.

Advertising on Instagram on the world market appeared two years ago, the most famous American designer - Michael Kors - was the first who tested it. The picture presented watches of gold, in the far background there are popular macaroons, the color of the picture is warm and pleasant. Instagram users put "delicious", stylish and unobtrusive advertising 100,000 likes. Following the designer, all the major companies from different professional fields has begun to use the official service and it has paid off: ads took root and brought additional sales.

Among 400 million of Instagram users 16 million accounts for the Russian Instagram, our country ranks 5th in the number of users of this social network. According to the company's statement, the number of users in the country is growing by more than 25 percent every year.

Less than two months ago, large Russian companies rejoiced: on September 30, Russia was given the start of the official advertising on Instagram - service that significantly expands the possibilities for business promotion on the platform of fashionable and popular social network and makes it possible to reach all 16 million of users.

Probably you will see the ads on Instagram in the coming weeks. It will be marked with “Promoted” sign. You will always be able to click it to hide the ads you are not interested in and make displayed ads actual for you.

The option has many cons:

+ By means of targeting shows ads the right audience only,

+ Untwist the website, which was rather problematic earlier, 

+ Gives you the opportunity to publish a video up to 30 seconds (15 seconds for standard users),

+ Gives you the opportunity to use a new form of advertising - Carousel (slideshow of a few pictures),

+ You can pay only for real clicks or views of advertising,

+ You can view detailed stats, which allows you to track effectiveness of ads,

+ There is not minimal budget that allows even the smallest companies to use the service,

+ You can view detailed stats, which allows you to track effectiveness of ads,

+ There is a good selection of clickable calls to action: view full ads if the user is interested, go to the site or download an application.

To make the advertising post on Instagram, you need to have an account on Facebook, the public page of the company, as well as a bankcard. The official seller of advertising on Instagram in Russia became AiTarget. On its website, there is a detailed step-by-step instruction how to use the service and make a promotional post.

Earlier different sources informed that IMHO VI would deal with advertising on the popular social network, however, there is no such service on company`s website. You can also meet on the Internet some alike offers from different resources, but experts’ advice is to work with the official representative, as the new product under the massive demand often attracts fraudsters.

The first problems with advertising on Instagram of the Russian companies have started both because of misunderstanding of how the service works and not a perfect work of the service itself. We won`t talk about the elementary lack of knowledge of users on how to create a public page on Facebook, all the little problems go away with time, we will take a noticeable example.

Such giant as Sberbank has ended in a fiasco: it did not achieve the goals, taking on a large flow of negative comments from dissatisfied Instagram users. Elena Piskareva, coacher for business promotion on Instagram, comments on why it happened:

"Sberbank wanted to officially promote its Instagram profile. It selected the action "go to website" and directed a link to the account through the web version of Instagram. As a result, when a person clicked an ad, he was redirected to the web version and to subscribe Sberbank, he needed to be authorized in the web version. It is unlikely that someone readily enter his login and password because of the strong wish to be a subscriber of Sberbank. User had one more clickable option: "Open in the application." However, firstly, it is an extra step that users do not like. Secondly, when you click this option Instagram completely turned off. Conclusion:CTR was not tested; the company did not bother about the customer's time and easy viewing of advertising."

Interesting facts about money, the most beautiful coins of the world and information about the new bank products in Sberbank account. Join us!

Next reason for failure is the fact that imposed advertisements always irritate. It was so with the launch of similar services on the popular social networks Facebook and Vkontakte, it is happening now on Instagram. It will take some time before people accustom to seeing advertisements, and it do not cause negatives. Ekaterina Frolova, the author of the popular site PRO-SMM.com, tells about the same things:

"While advertising is a rare curiosity for users. These are the normal cycles of the channel development, and we have already passed through it, first with advertising on Yandex Direct, and then advertising on Vkontakte and Facebook. The situation with Instagram will be the same." However, Ekaterina believes that the situation should be used, because it has another advantage: now Instagram advertising is cheap, it has no minimum limit, but six months later, when everyone will understand how to use and benefit, the price will be determined and jump up. Therefore, to seize the moment and succeed, you should throw all the forces on good content and best picture today. In this case, even unsolicited advertising will be of interest.

Expert Elena Piskareva cites the example of an unsuccessful imposed advertising: not original presentation of tattoo studio services displeased users, and they began to write about it in the comments to advertising. It is not usually possible to remove the comments to advertising posts, so the company had not taken into account the interests of the audience and conditions of the post publication; as a result, it has substituted itself. Customers who saw this post probably will never go to this studio to do any procedures, considering the reaction of commentators.

Hell, how ads drives me round the bend!
You’ve made a horrible tattoo! Great you take 2 thousand and not 10
Ads sucks!
Ads and website shows different things…. It`s not a pr, Insta promotion course, it`s a fraud.
You, jimmies! Don’t make a tit of yourselves, withdraw your ads

However, there are some good examples, even in imposed ads. A win-win solution is a humorous component of publications, such as the post of Knorr spices that was greeted with much hilarity among the audience, and also got a huge plus: users began

to mention their friends and relatives under the advertisement to share a funny joke.

It’s the fifth year of our cohabitation and my husband still believes he doesn’t eat marrows and onions.
Try pancakes from marrows and cheese. Favorite dish will stand out in a completely new way thanks to original sauce.
Click “to know more” to move on to the recipe

Humor turned out to be the main hero of advertising. Vasily Smolniy - creator of the slogan: "I’ll pay for expensive your fat!" for a project of losing weight Бешенаясушка.рф – has also placed a bet on it. Advertisement has provided a massive traffic to the website. Users just wondered who buys fat from other people and on what terms, even

if they actually do not need to lose weight!

Hi, dear! I’m Vasily and I want to buy something from you. Your fat. Are you interested? Visit my….more

For the moment, the official service customers make three major mistakes:

- Do not understand the specifics of social networks, which makes their ways of presenting the advertisement and advertising itself non-effective,

- Do not have the knowledge in creation of advertisement (for example, they cannot understand Power Editor settings without outside help. This tool helps the users to control the placement and configuration possibilities on Facebook and Instagram.) It is a problem of a small business,

- Do not understand clearly their audience and waste money on useless views,

- Do not care about the image and content of ads, thinking that a simple view of advertisement with logo will be enough for a user.

This is also confirmed by the expert Ekaterina Frolova "Compared with the users of other social networks, Instagramers are very attentive to detail; they need a beautiful, inspiring visual content. Some companies do not have a clear understanding of the specificity of the social network and run ads that look more akin to a spam. It pushes the users away. The purpose of Facebook is to bring Instagram one billion registered users, while earning on advertising, but they did not expect such influx of mediocre quality ads, which simply put people off."

Experts have identified one disadvantage in advertising service: the inability to untwist an account on Instagram. Vasily Smolniy, who advertised his project "Бешенаясушка.рф" using official advertising, has succeeded in page development. However, he noted the following problems: inadequate retargeting (currently Facebook retargeting was set and it reads only phones and emails of users without their ID addresses on Instagram), the columns with indices in a private personal account are cleared each time you log out and you have to remake them (see screenshot).

The client was also puzzled by the way of working of the price bid for the ad: "During the test one ad group with a price of 130RUB per 1000 impressions did not turn at all, while the other group targeted at the same audience perfectly turned with a price 65RUB per 1000 impressions. That is illogical and incomprehensible." Smolniy also notes that for the moment there is no record in statistics concerning how many subscribers of his page were attracted by ads. You have to download additional analytics tools to analyze the data with their help.

There are two proven methods to promote the account on Instagram that have not lost and will not lose their relevance.

The first - automatic promotion by mass liking and mass following and the second - publication of advertisement on the page of the star / blogger or in a large public.

Girls, the new finding – Golden Sand Studio @zolotoy_pesok Everyone has long known them from unusual dresses and bright outfits, now I verified that they have an excellent quality too! My choice for today – deep-blue dress with the print designed by the girls. I fell in love with it!

The first way is low-budget, you can gain the audience without any knowledge, by liking photos and adding users. However, it requires a lot of time and high-quality selection of audience "by hand". As a rule, the price for such promotion ranges from five to fifteen thousand rubles per month.

The second option - is more expensive: from three to several hundred thousand rubles. However, this way makes quite clear the audience of a star, whose advices and recommendations have trust in advance. Advertising gets wide coverage of audience: from 30 thousand to several million users. As for the cost of official advertising on Instagram, as reported above, it has neither a minimum nor a maximum ceiling. Advertising can be done with any budget. As an example, let’s consider advertising of the project "Бешенаясушка.рф." For a budget of 14 thousand rubles, the client received a 3000 target clicks on the main sales channel (Instagram page) and fairly good coverage of the audience - about 2 million users. About 50% of the people clicked on ads subscribed to the page which the client was very satisfied with.

Don’t be silly dry your figure! My name’s Smolniy and I’ll turn the next month of your sweet routine into… more.


To make advertising more effective, SMM market experts recommend carefully working on three main elements:

1. Original, beautiful, inspirational, high-quality photo / video with an interesting description.

2. Carefully selected audience that will be interested in advertising.

3.Testing of advertising. In order to get good results, you need to test several variants of images, descriptions, try different audiences.

Most likely, Facebook will focus the development from the introduction of new functions of promotion exactly on testing the advertising and improvement of a system for tracking the ads quality. Such system already exists (Relevance Score), but experts point out that in case of Instagram it must be finalized. Its principle of operation is as follows: based on the positive or negative reactions of the audience to advertisement, Facebook advertising algorithm determines how the public likes this advert. The better reaction to the advertisement is, the greater its coverage and the lower its value. Thus, Facebook encourages advertisers for creation high-quality advertising, which users like. When testing on Instagram is perfected, the social network will become more attractive as an interesting and useful advertising content.

Expert forecasts concerning the popularity of advertising types after six months:

For the present, the advertising service on Instagram has not yet developed for a half months of its existence in Russia, and, as practice shows, not only users but also advertisers themselves are not ready. The service lags behind other methods of promotion in popularity. However, customers with a good solution of advertising presentation note that though the imperfections of the system, advertising works well. Experts predict the rapid development of the service and believe that 5-6 months later, the situation will change, the companies will get hands in it and understand the operating principles of advertising, while the official promotion will come out on top, leaving the second place for automatic promotion, and the third one for the advertising involving stars and bloggers.


Source: “Promo-SMM.com”

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