Let tourists make a trip by means of AR and VR technologies far before they purchase a tour.
Virtual reality can become one of the ways to overcome barriers for entry into a country and inspire Russian tourists to visit your very destination.

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Virtual and augmented reality technologies

  • Convey reality virtually and provide an opportunity for a Russian traveller to imagine a tourist product of value here and now.
  • Simplify the decision-making process and create an emotional bond.
  • Create riveting experience of travels and interactions in a digital world.
  • Trigger all feelings together to create an illusion of being somewhere in real-time.
  • Simplify planning and search, present the process as a more creative and productive one.
  • Allow presentations for travel agencies and large Russian tour operators with a virtual demonstration of special content—hotels, landmarks, beaches, mountains, and resorts.
  • Provide tour operators and agencies with extra opportunities to promote your destination.

Create and promote

Where can you apply AR/VR/360°?

Application design
(with the use of technology)
Ads in printed media
Promo events
Participation in shows
(on stands)
Digital campaigns
Virtual tours
and presentations

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