Marketing Studies of Russian
Outbound Travel Market

Promotion of a tourism brand in the Russian market requires a specifically thorough and professional approach, especially if this is a new market for you or if you aim at expanding your marketplace. We will conduct marketing studies and provide you with all the necessary information and insights to conquer the audience of Russian travellers.

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What questions does market research enable to answer?

  • What countries, in the opinion of Russian tourists, are closest to your destination in terms of correspondence with the requirements specified for a vacation area?
  • How does a decision path for choosing a country for a vacation look like?
  • On what stage of this path are there most changes?
  • What are merits and flaws of the destination as opposed to key competitors?
  • What key communication messages are worth being emphasized for Russian tourists to stimulate the traffic outstripping the competitors?
  • What barriers of perceiving the destination by Russian tourists must be lowered first to recruit a wider audience?
  • What traffic growth can be assumed when adjusting the communication strategy?
  • What points of contact with the target audience require more attention and investments and from where is it possible to redistribute the budget?
  • What segment of Russian tourists can present the highest potential for the destination?
  • How should one position the destination before the eyes of tour operators/travel agencies?
  • In what media is it more preferable to publish information about the destination?

Marketing research in three stages

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