Hyperlocal Targeting

User location targeting enables us to cover visitors of visa application centers, travel agency and tour operator offices in order to focus their attention on your offer.

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What tasks does hyperlocal targeting enables to solve?

  • To attract the attention of those who are going to travel abroad and visit travel agency offices.
  • For countries with visa requirements, to show ads to those who visit visa application centers and have already obtained or are obtaining an entry permit for one or another region.

Yandex.Direct hyperlocal targeting

Yandex.Direct enables to show ads to users who are nearby or visit certain buildings and venues.

Unlike Google Ads geotargeting that enables to set a minimum 1km pickup range from the designated area, Yandex.Direct hyperlocal targeting allows for showing ads surgically, polygon by polygon, to those who visit certain travel agencies and visa application centers.

The segment of ‘hyperlocal’ audience’ can also be combined with other segments for more accurate settings of advertisement for the target audience.

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