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We conduct research and create marketing strategies for foreign developers.
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Demand for foreign real estate

Within the last two years, the Russian demand for real estate abroad has increased by 70%. In 2016, Russians spent $870 million to buy property abroad; in 2017, already $1.1 billion.

People want to de-risk their savings and invest them into foreign property. Residents of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, as well as Yekaterinburg, Perm, Vladivostok, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi, and Krasnodar are most interested in such purchases.

Russian buyers are especially interested in property in Turkey, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Montenegro, and on Cyprus. Bulgaria has been the most popular country for already several years running.

Demand for foreign real estate

How to sell foreign property to Russian audience.
3 Stages

We will help to attract clients from Russia.
For this, we will create a unique strategy meeting the goals of your project.
All work is divided into 3 stages:


We learn the market, form the audience profile and the strategy.

Advertising channels and
search for audience

We gather the audience and promote the product via various channels.


We analyze performance of advertising channels and make reports on the campaign.



Real estate sales are quite specific. They may change, depending on the country where the property is and on the audience that you count on. To sell apartments in the congested Bulgarian market is not the same as to sell a manor in the south of France. Every case needs its own approach.

One needs to study competitors, understand the target audience of a particular project, and build a strategy that will consider all geographic, economic, and mental features. Promotion through research is a key to the successful project.


We conduct research in three directions

Target audience

We identify the target audience of your project:

  • Who (singles, couples);
  • Why (for themselves, children, investments, tax burden minimization);
  • Who makes a decision;
  • How they choose, look for similar offers;
  • How a purchase process looks like, for how long they decide;
  • What they pay attention to, what matters

Similar cases

We study how other real estate development projects present themselves, what visuals and what offers they use to attract their audience.

Real estate agencies

We study how estate agencies work in your country, what ads they show, how they structure their promo pages and present themselves on the Internet.

What we do in the process of research

  • Audit of competitors’ websites (estate agencies and websites with similar property)
  • Audit of competitors’ advertising channels and tactics
  • Interview with agents in Russia (who work with your country)
  • Interview with buyers (ideally)
  • Analysis of competitors’ publications and ads in mass media (special projects, native ads)

As a result of the research, we understand:

  • What message (creative) can be used to attract potential customers
  • What can be taken from similar offers to enhance it, taking into account local peculiarities
  • How to create landing pages to attract clients

Advertising channels and search for audience

After the research is done, we form a marketing media in terms of social media marketing, gather the audience, prepare and maintain advertising campaigns.

Advertising Channels

Depending on the status of property and the profile of the target audience, we choose various advertising channels.

Online channels

We develop social media exposure, launch ads in major search systems (Yandex, Google), publish ads via video hosting services YouTube, RuTube) and in partners’ websites, do mass emails.

We set targeted ads in social media (Instagram, VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki), do content marketing, and fully support online presence of your project.

Offline channels

We deal with publication of advertising projects in printed media, on TV and radio. We publish ads in fitness centers and airport lounges. We use outdoor ads.

We prepare special projects, native ads, and partnership projects. We accompany the project at exhibitions and special events.

Search for audiences

To make adverts in various channels effective, we need to direct them to the target audience. We form the audience profile during the research and then use it for targeting of all advertising campaigns, both online and offline.


We carefully analyze advertising channels, correct them on the way, and make a final report on the whole project. In our analytics, we use three main tools

Google Analytics

We analyze all advertising campaigns, enforce effective channels, and correct less effective ones. We study user behavior in the website and propose changes to raise conversion.

Call tracking

By means of number insertion in your website, we will find out where a client came from and called. This will let us optimize advertising and make it more efficient. Besides, by showing local numbers we will increase audience loyalty and a number of calls.


By means of CRM, we gather a unified database for all customers. We record orders in all channels (e-mail, social media, telephone, ads) so that you would never lose a single client.

What a client gets

As a result, you get new customers, a database of loyal and interested people, customized and working systems (social media, CRM, advertising campaigns), and a strategy for further work in the Russian market.

  • we will help you build effective communication with clients from Russia, active buyers of foreign real estate;
  • identification of target audience by means of online and offline marketing tools;
  • comprehensive assistance in the Russian space of digital media;
  • online mass media publication by an independent contractor, Media Scope (developed by TNS);
  • result-oriented and efficient advertising campaigns;
  • our team and an individual client manager are available 24/7 to every client;
  • every member of our agency has a good command of English;
  • availability of data on actions of foreign developers in the Russian media market;
  • thorough analysis of the Russian media landscape.

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