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Our travel marketing solutions and strategies on the Russian market

RMAA Group specializes in marketing solutions for international companies from the travel industry, entering or successfully working in the Russian market. We help organizations from the travel industry to develop and implement effective marketing solutions for the Russian consumers.

Services of RMAA Group will benefit you if you want to increase brand awareness in the Russian market and attract customers. Our solutions are suitable for the airlines, hotel chains, countries as tourist brands and their tourist offices and ministries.


Our Solutions

Travel Digital Marketing

Russian tourist industry has gone through the ups and downs in 2014-2016 years, and it could not help affecting the behavior model of the Russian travelers. Our travel digital solutions will help you adapt your marketing activities to meet the needs of the Russian consumers.

We offer:

  • Identify and target travelers by connecting online and offline marketing tools.
  • Increase brand loyalty by launching digital campaigns with the right message for the right audience.
  • SEO and SEM solutions.

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Travel Offline Marketing

It’s extremely important to balance both offline and online marketing elements to create the most complete customer journey and experience. Many times offline interaction is the best way to cement deeper relationships with customers. RMAA Groupe gives the help you need in combination your most effective offline tools.

We offer:

  • TV, radio;
  • Advertising in the press;
  • Placement of indoor&outdoor advertising;

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PR communications

Interactions with media representatives are critical for successful communication with the Russian market, we help travel brands to establish good relations with the Russian media.

We offer:

  • Organization of press conferences;
  • Organization of on-site press tours;
  • Interaction with the Russian press;
  • Posting comments of business representatives, interviews with the media

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