Published 15 January 2014

Good day! Outdoor advertising is one of the most popular kinds of advertising in Russia. So, how can you direct people’s attention to your outdoor advertising? How can your billboard stand out from your competitors? A great many advertisers think about how outdoor advertising can boost competitiveness. Let’s have a look at the illustration below of the most common size of billboard (3x6 meters). Such kind of advertising structures are situated practically everywhere in Russia.

Published 28 December 2013

Good day!

I suppose there is no question of the importance of packing in product promotion. Indeed, today it is one of the basic links between a seller and a customer. Packing, when intelligently designed, is able to describe the quality and benefits of a product, and to promote a new brand without the need for an expensive advertising campaign.

Published 15 December 2013

Marketing steps, when performed by a company, should certainly be evaluated. The online world allows you to evaluate the efficiency of marketing campaigns more precisely than outdoor or TV advertisement. Let’s have a look at the data sources used for evaluating.

Published 1 December 2013

When talking about entry into Russian market, we should mention such a marketing tool as social media. For today, some resources that connect people are more effective than all the traditional mass media. Let’s review what kind of social media is popular among Russian people, and how you can promote your brand, goods and services using these resources.

Published 15 November 2013

Good day! Today, one of the basic methods of promotion of goods and services all over the world is the Internet, and Russia is no exception. Mainly, the success of your sales is related to how easy it is to find your brand on the Internet. Let’s speak about some of the specifics of Search Engines that should be taken into account if you are going to enter into the Russian market.

Published 1 November 2013

This is the first mail out issue about effective marketing in Russia. My name is Vadim Tylik and I am the founder of «Russian Marketing Advertising Agency» (RMAA Group) and the author of this blog. Twice a month I will send you letters in which I will share useful information with you about marketing and advertising in Russia, and about effective advertising and foreign brand roll out in the Russian market. Do you have your own manufacturer? Are you importing your product into Russia and experiencing lower than expected sales? Are you developing your own Internet project and want it to be popular in the Russian market?