Published 20 October 2016

Today the market of educational services has a very dissimilar composition of participants. There is a system of public education, many private firms providing educational services and even greater number of individual tutoring and numerous of online courses, many of which may be free of charge. Moreover, all market participants are not only competing with each other, but complement each other. How a foreign university, college or educational course can find the audience in Russia - read in RMAA Group material.

Published 10 October 2016

Medical tourism is quite popular in Russia. Annually 40-50 thousand people travel abroad from Russia for medical treatment. The most popular destinations are Israel, Europe (Germany, Switzerland), inhabitants of the Far East prefer China, Korea, Thailand etc. Read the RMAA Group article to learn which tools should be used to attract patients from Russia to your clinic

Published 4 October 2016

Browser-based games are quite popular in Russia. Year by year the number of games are growing and new games are looking for their own players but not all find them. Meanwhile, there are a good many ways to promote games: SEO, contextual advertising, social media marketing, liaising with journalists, streamers, bloggers, let’s players etc. Read RMAA Group article to learn which tools are most relevant for promotion browser-based games in Russia.

Published 21 September 2016

Promotion of pharmaceuticals is subject to regulatory restrictions in many countries. And Russia is also is no exception: additional restrictions are specified in the advertising law for drug products. Nevertheless, drug manufacturers are traditionally considered as one of the major advertisers. Please read RMAA Group article to learn what restrictions are imposed on the marketing of pharmaceuticals and what efficient ways exist for their promotion.

Published 14 September 2016

Technologies don’t stay still and discover for marketers all-new ways of communication with their audience using more advanced tools. The point of today’s issue is one of those technologies which associate with the future of advertising, simply put location targeting. This tool allows the ad to appear for the users which are geographically interested in. Read about the application of the location targeting in Russia in RMAA Group article.

Published 24 August 2016

Three months ago Instagram announced the launch of business profiles and detailed analytics for marketers. On August, 15 they were officially released in Russia and other EMEA countries. Read RMAA Group blog to learn what tools have become available in Instagram and the opportunities they offer to marketers.

Published 17 August 2016

B2B exhibitions fulfill an important function: they call together sellers, buyers and competitors in one place. The buyers get a chance to acquaint themselves with offers of a number of companies, the sellers can offer their production to a wide range of potential buyers and the competitors can communicate and evaluate each other's proposals. Read RMAA Group article to learn how to attract your audience to the exhibition, and motivate buyers on the exhibition.