Published 15 June 2016

IT industry is on its top all over the world and in Russia in particular. Moreover its significance will only rise in upcoming future. Not a single company is capable to compete without modern high-quality solutions in the sphere of Information Technologies. Even though, IT companies have to fight for every client and look for new ways to attract them. To know what a successful marketing of IT B2B in Russia is – read in material of RMAA Group.

Published 9 June 2016

Winter, 2015-16, RMAA Group organized online marketing campaign in Russian social networks for LOTTE Confectionery. As a result of the campaign Lotte has raised the profile of PEPERO sticks in Russia, increased brand awareness and product sales. Find more in the material of RMAA Group.

Published 1 June 2016

Alcohol drinks distribution and advertisement are under strong restrictions in many countries of the world. In recent years, Russia moved far ahead in this field. However, upcoming Football World Cup in 2018 made its adjustments. Today, there are much more opportunities for beer advertising than it used to be. Besides, most of prohibitions do not disseminate the non-alcoholic beer, which lead to wide range of opportunities for developing beer branding. How to advertise beer in Russia, read in the material of RMAA Group.

Published 27 May 2016

Marketing does not stop in one place. A new media format started developing in the end of 2014 – audio advertisement in the Internet. Significant moments of these type of ads are embeddedness in the process of consuming the content and unobtrusiveness, which is important for a friendly behavior of the audience. At the same time these ads cannot be missed or ignored. The most important information about this format of advertising can be found in the material of RMAA Group.

Published 7 April 2016

PR is an integral component in promotion of any major brand. Despite the rapid development of the Internet and social networks, the media continue to be the main tool in creating public awareness and managing the reputation. Effective promotion is impossible without the competent interaction with the media. How to build relationships with the media and professionals of a desired sector, read in RMAA Group blog.

Published 9 March 2016

Any advertiser outside Russia (or even within the country) planning an advertising campaign is always faced with having to choose a supplier. He needs to decide either to use the services of sales houses or to use the services of a media buying agency. Whose modus operandi will be best suited to you?

Here I will try to be completely objective and in any case will not prioritize the interests of any advertising business representatives. My conclusions will be based on concrete facts, which are listed below.

Published 4 March 2016

When you are faced with the challenge of entering a new market, you need to have a grasp of the peculiarities of this new arena. Without this knowledge, you can face a lot of problems, such as choosing an unscrupulous supplier, being offered a biased price from a Russian media agency, having legal problems, etc. In general, there are plenty of reasons for a lapse, which will certainly affect the efficiency of your advertising budget.