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Most Russian Tourists Expect Full Border Opening in 2021



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The resumption of travel abroad in full in 2021 is expected by 60% of Russian tourists. Among the most desirable destinations for travel, they named Turkey, Thailand, Egypt and Europe, according to a survey conducted by service "Yandex.Travel".

According to the survey, 68% of respondents answered yes to the question of whether the opening of borders will affect their plans. At the same time, 45% are ready to go abroad if the situation with the epidemic improves, and 9% — even if the risk of infection persists. 20% of respondents said that they prefer to rest in Russia and the opening of the borders will not affect them in any way.

The survey participants also reported that last year and in early 2021, most of them traveled around the country or stayed at home. Almost 40% of the respondents did not leave their city, and 10% went somewhere exclusively for work. As for tourist trips, 41% of respondents spent their holidays in Russia. 4.3% managed to travel around the country and abroad, and only 4.6% went abroad.

"About a third of respondents (35.5%) believe that after the opening of the borders, the behavior of tourists will not change in any way. 27% think that people will be more careful, as an increase in the flow of tourists can cause an increase in incidence of diseases. 22% of respondents expect an increase in domestic tourism, and another 12% – that people will more often travel by car," the press service reports.

Source: Interfax

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