Press Conferences in Russia

Organizing a Press Conference in Russia

RMAA Group does organizing and performance press-conference services in Russia. Information in its traditional form is more trustable for the auditory than straight adverts. Also press-conferences remain to be the most productive way to communicate with journalists in Russia. Press conferences allow to take your viewpoint directly to most intermediaries of different publications, you may answer their questions, as well as to establish contacts with some particular intermediary, if you have any plans for a close collaboration with him.The key factor of getting success at press conference is a good news peg, which may excite intermediaries to visit this event.

The press-conferences subject supposed to interest journalist, be interesting for the audience or socially valuable. However even if journalists visit your press-conference, it will not guarantee that material will be published or published with a good overview of your company. Therefore speakers must be ready for such performances and especially have to be prepared to answer journalists’ questions, which often appear quite problematic. It is important to show them, that beside of your own profit, you are trying to help people and achieve socially important goals. Moreover a good technical equipment and comfortable place of holding any press-conferencesis a way for reaching the success.

RMAA Group specialists will help to organize and put into practice some interesting and catchy press conferences for intermediaries.

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