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    Travel Solutions

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RMAA Group specializes in marketing solutions for international companies from the travel industry, entering or successfully working in the Russian market. We help organizations from the travel industry to develop and implement effective marketing solutions for the Russian consumers.


    High Tech + IT

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RMAA Group serves international b2b companies from the world of High Tech and IT in the Russian market. We will be useful if you want to work in the market of complex and time-consuming b2b sales, and expand your market in Russia and CIS countries. We know and understand the features of extended and expensive sales in the Russian market


   Game Developers

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RMAA Group has extensive experience in promotion of mobile and computer games in the Russian market. Our clients from Europe, USA and Asia trust us with their marketing campaigns, both in Russia and the CIS, and in the whole space of the Russian-speaking Internet. Indeed, the Russian-speaking audience are both in American and European continents.


   Advertising and Marketing Agency

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RMAA Group serves many international advertising agencies in Russia and CIS countries. Do your customers put you to the marketing tasks in the Russian advertising market? Doesn’t your agency have an office in Russia? RMAA Group has proved itself as a reliable partner in servicing the global brands through affiliate advertising agencies.


   Car Indusrty

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Modern Russian car market is full of interesting and even exclusive proposals. Therefore, on the one hand, Russian consumers have a lot to choose from, and on the other - the variety of options makes it difficult to make a final choice. They are trying to buy a car, which fully meets their requirements. As a result, spending of automobile companies on marketing significantly increases.

   Mobile Apps Developers

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RMAA Group provides mobile applications marketing services (especially mobile games), both on the Russian and CIS markets, and in the Russian-speaking Internet space. RMAA Group Services will prove useful to you if you want to increase awareness of your mobile application in Russia.

Retailers And Consumer Goods Companies

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Russian consumers today make their shopping experience using any device or channel at any time of the day or night. Modern consumers are connected, well-informed, and equipped like never before, so they expect an entertaining, particular, and authoritative brand experience on any matter: whether researching on a tablet or purchasing on a smartphone. Therefore, retailers and consumer goods companies must steadily develop to reach customers, create specialized experiences, and build loyalty by breaking down barriers between the store and online channels in order to create a real omni-channel experience.

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