Paid Social Marketing

Paid Social Marketing

RMAA Group performs services of posting adverts in Russian social networks. Recently social networks have become a part of lives of millions of Russians. Today the amount of month audience in Russian social networks is more than 50 million people. Nowadays advertising in social networks is the most powerful instrument of promoting your company in the Russian market. Nowadays the most popular Russian social networks permit to post advertisements. For example, such network as offers banner advertisements, and demonstrates advertising posts in the user’s Feed line.

Different forms of adverts exist in other popular Russian social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Odnoklassniki. These are web banners, ads in the news line and promotional post in web groups. Advantage of advertising in social networks is a detailed targeting with saving the wide coverage. You can target the audience of social networks by the large number of settings such as geo location, gender, age, presence of children, interests, job, religion and political views. Any information which user left about himself in the social networks might be used.

RMAA Group`s specialists are ready to develop promoting strategy in the Russian social networks to help you attract your target auditory.

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