Media relations in Russia

Media Relations in Russia

RMAA Group does promoting of corporative interests in Media and establishing ties with Media in Russia. Media is still the main source of formation of public opinion and reputation of your company. Therefore, it is important that the media cover your activities in a positive manner. In order to get the attention of the media you need a good coverage opportunity, event or hot topic. You, as a business representative, have something to offer to journalists: that is analyses and forecasts in your industry, speech about structure inside your company, any socially important actions. In any cases, journalists will not publish straight advertising materials but they will publish any other exclusive information you that will share with them.

Quality mutual beneficial relation with Media is the thing you reallyneed. The other direction in relations with Media is the work with negative information: the right comments from representatives of the companies will minimize negative consequences for company. At the same time, the work with negative information is also important: well-timed feedback of the company’s representatives will help to minimize the negative consequences for the company. It is also very useful to build a trusting relationship with the media and individual journalists. Subsequently, it will give you the opportunity to speak to the media as an expert, to arrange on-site media roundtables, to promote your speakers and host partner materials andpost partners material with discounted price.

RMAA Group experts will tell how best to build relationships with Russian journalists and advance the information you need in the media. 

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