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Modern Russian car market is full of interesting and even exclusive proposals. Therefore, on the one hand, Russian consumers have a lot to choose from, and on the other - the variety of options makes it difficult to make a final choice. They are trying to buy a car, which fully meets their requirements. As a result, spending of automobile companies on marketing significantly increases. RMAA Group provides specialized services in the field of marketing and promotion of car brands on the Russian market. Below you can get acquainted with our marketing solutions in this area.

Our Solutions

Search Marketing

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First of all, search marketing generates a qualitative composition of the audience of your website. They are the visitors came through the search direction who are directly interested in the product, brand or information. Replying to the questions from the search queries, the brand attracts the high quality and loyal audience, which is really in need of its products here and now. Today, there is a fantastic demand for cars on the Internet. Millions of users compare brands, wonder about cars, and look for specific models.

RMAA Group is ready to provide you with a selection of the desired complex, suggesting a proper promotion of the home website and not a dealer’s one:

  • Contextual advertising (PPC)
  • Target Display ad
  • RTB
  • Mobile ad solutions
  • Social Media

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Media Buying Services

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Media buying market in Russia is huge; it operates a large number of media sales houses, which have the rights to sell a variety of mass media. How to negotiate and obtain the necessary price conditions? How to determine the desired media channels for your client? RMAA Group has experience in servicing large-scale campaigns both on individual regional scales, and on a national scale. Let us to solve the questions of your media purchases in Russia.

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Social Media Marketing

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The automotive industry is amidst an era of marketing disruption. Consumers’ time and attention have quickly transitioned to social and digital platforms. Interspersed among those platforms are growing ranks of brand advocates and detractors who share their purchase and ownership experiences through text, photo and video postings on their personal networks.

The percentage of people who pause to share their purchase and ownership experiences using social and digital platforms is growing significantly. RMAA Group assists with considering the most effective way to get and save your customer:

  • communities of interest in social networks
  • contextual advertising
  • behavioral targeting
  • reputation management, claim responsiveness

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PR & communications

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RMAA Group offers high level strategic consultancy and long-term communications planning. From consulting on international media communications strategies to tactical implementation on a global, regional or local scale for clients , blends unrivalled expertise with a highly creative approach to deliver tangible results:

  • Organization of press conferences
  • Interaction with the Russian press
  • Guaranteed PR publications in the Russian media

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Car conferences, events and exhibitions

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We help our clients holding automotive conferences, events and exhibitions, new product launches – inspiring decision makers to touch your brand and connect with your business.

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Influencer Marketing

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Influencer marketing is a natural entrée into the world of user generated content. Many auto campaigns focus on giving a car to influencers and having them take a road trip or use it during day-to-day life. As they engage with the car, the influencers are able to take photos or videos and share them widely.
Auto companies are embracing an organic fit between campaign guidelines and their products, which is an important lesson.

  • Video blogging
  • Social media marketing
  • Collaboration with Key Opinion Leaders

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