Targeted Online Advertising in Russia

Targeted Advertising in Russia

RMAA Group provides services of setting target advertisement banners in the Russian Internet segment. Banner ad keeps on going to be the key element of digital marketing in the Russian Internet segment. Today, the effectiveness of banner or text ads mostly depend not on the content but on the placement of it. For choosing the place in the most effective way one should use targeting technologies, which allow bringing your offers to your targeting auditory.

The targeted banner advertising depends on several factors such as social-demographic characteristics, geo location, interests, time of performance, type of users etc. Using keywords makes Targeting the most effective to correspond with advertising product and attract new audience at the same time. Banner adverts are being displayed by using special keywords and searching retargeting principles: the ad would be presented to the user who have searched for a similar product or a service earlier. Advertising contact will take place on the specific website, but not on the searching page. Such approach provides high conversion to the targeting actions and also increases sales.

RMAA Group specialists can set up targeting of banner advertising for any targeting auditory, including keywords targeting. 

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