Marketing Research
for International Brands in the Russian market

Will your product be in demand in Russia? Who are your competitors in Russia and what strategies do they use? How to persuade Russians to choose your product? The answer will prompt market research.

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What will marketing research give you?

Marketing research will reduce the risks of entering the Russian market and help develop a clear strategy. The study will:

Russian market

Determine the market capacity. Which regions and cities should I bet on? Is it generally beneficial to go to Russia? The research will give the right answer.

Assess the viability of ideas. Rigid competition, cultural differences, and insufficient demand for your product are just a few factors which can disrupt your plans. Research will relieve you of similar surprises and, inadvance, will allow you to estimate how much really to embody plansin life.

Find out competitors

Keep ahead of competitors. You will find out who your competitors in Russia are (in both local and foreign companies), which products and services they offer, which strategies are developed, and which competitive advantages are strong. You will be able to collect the best practices and use them to your advantage.

Understand the "mysterious Russian soul". You will learn the specifics of buying behavior in Russia: which stereotypes and prejudices Russians have. You will understand how to attract the attention of customers and convince them to choose your product.

Russian specifics
Effective channels

Identify effective channels. The study will tell you which sales channels are in Russia and which are effective for you. Which kind of communication will be effective, and what is doomed to failure.

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Which Companies Will Find These Studies Useful?


working in B2B markets


working in B2C markets


Companies which bring
innovative products
to to the market

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What will this give you, if you are...

  • You will understand the prospects and feasibility of working in Russia;
  • You will have a step-by-step strategy for entering the Russian market.
Commercial director
  • You will know exactly what to do for the first sales in Russia;
  • Your further actions will be economically justified;
  • You will understand how to reach out to decision-makers in your industry.
  • You will be able to form a destructive UTS to stand out in the Russian market;
  • You will have clear tactical steps and tools to attract customers;
  • Your further actions will be economically justified.
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Our expertise is your progress in the Russian market

The RMAA Group is a marketing agency which helps foreign companies enter the Russian market. We specialize exclusively in marketing strategies and their implementation for international brands and businesses in Russia.

Our experience

We have been working since 2008

During this time, the agency has gained wide experience in working with international brands, and has created unique expertise in bringing new brands to the Russian market.


More than 30 projects were implemented

Each time these projects solved non-standard and diverse tasks, helping our clients to conquer Russian markets.

Integrated approach

We use an integrated approach

when companies are brought to the Russian market. We carry out research, develop marketing and business strategies, identify UTS, create positioning and deal with the promotion of the company in Russia.

Communicate directly

Communicate directly, without intermediaries

Our Russian team is fluent in English, so communication is comfortable and without any loss of information.

How do we work?

How do we work

To find the answers to your questions, we will thoroughly investigate the topic: we conduct interviews, analyze the activities of competitors, and examine the experience of customers.

In addition to open sources, we have a broad base of contacts throughout Russia. Thanks to this, we quickly collect private data in a short time.

We specify in the contract all the topics that will be disclosed in the study, and the timing of the interim reports.

We regularly communicate, answer your questions and correct your further actions based on your interests.

You will receive a full study for detailed study and work, as well as a shortened version, convenient for presentation to company management, investors or the board of directors.

We care about privacy and to prevent the leakage of your data, we sign a non-disclosure agreement.


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Why commission a new study,
if you can buy one that has already been done?

We are "honed" for the needs of each particular client and investigate the situation for specific products in Russia.

Each product is unique, for the development of the strategy we find answers to narrow, pointed questions, which, by definition, are not found in the purchased sample study.

Very well, and what to do with this research?

After completing the research, we help develop a strategy for promoting your product to the Russian market and implement it.

  • Conducting

  • Decision making
    about entering Russia

  • Developing a strategy

  • Successful entry
    to the market

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Case study: How to help a manufacturing company enter new regions of Russia?

Manufacturing company

About the company: Manufacturer of equipment. The name of the company is not disclosed in accordance with the agreement.

Task: The regional manufacturer planned federal expansion. To build a holistic marketing strategy, he ordered a comprehensive study from us that involved dealers, retail customers and service centers.

How did the study go?

Goal 1 The study consisted of three parts:

  • How does the customer choose the equipment?
  • What criteria are important to him when choosing?
  • What doubts and prejudices are there?
  • What problems and difficulties are there in operation?

We conducted in-depth interviews with customers and developed a questionnaire to confirm the reliability of the results on a large sample of buyers.

Reproduced the buyer's methods, collected feedback, understood the strengths to make emphasis in communication and how to improve products.

  • How is the purchase decision made?
  • By what criteria do the dealers evaluate the supplier?
  • What can a supplier do to increase sales?

We talked with the dealers to understand how they make decisions about the choice of the supplier, what arguments they are convincing and what disadvantages they see.

They collected feedback about the company, understood which criteria are important in choosing a supplier and which points of growth the company has. Found a way to simplify logistics.

  • What is important with the supplier?
  • What are the suppliers different from each other?
  • How do service centers make decisions about cooperation?

We interviewed the service center owners to find out how they decide to cooperate.

Determined the criteria which draw attention to the supplier pay attention. Discovered a method to reduce the cost of the process of ordering spare parts.

result 1 Result:

  • Our client has a clear understanding of what to focus on in communication, and how to improve products. Based on the research, we developed a marketing strategy for the client to enter new regions of Russia.
  • Sales representatives understood how to enter new regions, where to focus in negotiations and how to convince new dealers to cooperate with our client.
  • The client has a clear idea of how to simplify and reduce the cost of logistics and automate the order of spare parts, which was then implemented.

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Case study: How to help an IT company develop a service that is in demand in Russia and the US?

IT company

About the company: IT-company. The name of the company is not disclosed in accordance with the agreement.

Task: IT-company develops a service-marketplace, which will test in Russia, and in the future plans to launch around the world. To create a marketing strategy and use the achievements of Western competitors, the company ordered from us a comprehensive study that captured customers and performers, which comprises the marketplace, and competitors in Russia and the United States.

How did the study go?

Goal 2 The study consisted of three parts:

  • How do customers find performers?
  • What are the problems encountered?
  • What are the prejudices against the marketplace?
  • What do people like and do not like when using the marketplace?

We conducted in-depth interviews with customers to understand how they cope with the search for performers, what problems they are experiencing and how they relate to the marketplace.

We understood how to build communications to evoke confidence in the service and what functionality to put in it.

  • How do contractors find customers?
  • What are the difficulties in finding customers?
  • What is their experience of using marketplaces?
  • What do customers like and what does not exist in similar services?

We talked to the performers to understand the difficulties they face when searching for customers, whether they use marketplaces and what does not suit them in existing services.

We determined which disadvantages exist for current marketplaces, what functionality is needed for the executors and what the UTS should be.

  • What are competitors in Russia and the US?
  • What business models do competitors use and what do they earn?
  • What advanced technology solutions do competitors use?
  • What are their marketing strategies?

We analyzed the largest competitors in Russia and the US, talked with experts in the industry and collected data through competitive intelligence.

We determined what difficulties the competitors face and what solutions they find. We collected advanced solutions.

result 2 Result:

  • Our client got a clear idea of how the customer's choice of the contractor is performed, what information about the performers is needed and what functionality the service should have.
  • The fears of the performers and the strategy of working with them became clear, as well as the function they needed.
  • The client was able to improve the business model, added a number of developments of competitors to the armament and developed a marketing strategy for promoting the service.

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