Promotion of Beauty Care Products
in the Russian Market

We help international companies and their products and services take their place in the Russian market.
We promote them in social media, mass media, and offline.
We will help you become saleable on the shelves of major retailers and will tell potential buyers about your beauty care product.

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Beauty Market in Russia

According to GfK Russia, from July 2016 until June 2017 Russians have spent 5% more on beauty and personal care products, as compared to the same period a year earlier. In 2018, sales stay on the same level—the growth was only 0.1%.

The highest costs are spent on hair care (23%) and perfumery (21%). However, the total amount of the products bought decreased by 3%. The only high-growth large cosmetic category is facial care (+20% by value and +6% in kind).

Most purchases are made in chain stores and drugstores (stores nearby houses where non-food convenience goods are sold), equal to 34%. Other 26% are made in hypermarkets, discounters, and supermarkets.

The Internet takes one tenth of the whole volume of beauty care sales. This channel is growing most rapidly: for the last year, the online sale share has grown by 30%. 76% users make online inquiries about beauty at least once a month, according to Google research. When choosing a product, 28% rely upon Instagram recommendations and 56% upon Youtube. Beauty bloggers play a significant role in it.

Beauty Market in Russia

How to Promote a Foreign Product in the Russian Market:
3 Stages

We help foreign manufacturers and distributors of foreign products promote foods in Russia and CIS countries.
We know this market, know the ropes of foreign tendencies,
and understand how to tell the target audience about various products.
We divide activities in the beauty segment into 3 stages:


We study the market and form the audience profile and the strategy.

Promotion: content and advertising

We implement a content strategy and advertise products through the most effective channels.


We analyze operation of advertising channels and make reports about the campaign.



Research is a basis of marketing strategy, which includes determination of features of target audience
and definition and analysis of competitors’ activity in the Russian market.


We do a two-way research

Target audience

We identify target audience for the project against the various parameters: male/female, age, preferences, if they follow the beauty news, how they look for information on beauty ware, if they are interested in fashion events, if they visit related websites, how often they use cosmetics and care products and many more.

Similar cases

We learn how similar products are promoted, what channels are used, and how goods on the shelves are singled out.

What we do in the course of research

  • Auditing competitors (websites of beauty producers, social media)
  • Auditing competitors’ advertising channels and tactics
  • Interviewing buyers
  • Analyzing competitors’ publications and ads in mass media (special projects, native ads, work with influencers)

As a result of our research, we understand:

  • What message (creative) can be used to attract potential customers
  • What effective techniques can be taken from similar cases to enhance them with the product’s specificity
  • What advertising channels can be used for promotion
  • What the easiest way is to join distribution networks and single out the goods on the shelves

Promotion: Content, Ads, and Events

After the research is done, we form a marketing strategy to maintain accounts in social media, gather and attract the target audience, prepare and conduct advertising campaigns. Taking into account the boost in online trade, most often we work with online channels, but, depending on the product and its audience, we can also conduct offline effective campaigns.

Content marketing

On grounds of the research and your objectives, we form an extensive plan of publications in social media, blogs, and emailing. We choose channels that meet our goals, prepare visuals and texts, customize and maintain accounts, talk to potential clients.

We deal with Instagram accounts, from their creation and customization to the replies to comments (we prepare a publication plan, generate all visuals and texts, and organize promotional and other activities to involve audience).

Instagram is one of the main social media in Russia and one of the most important advertising channels. Its audience in Russia is constantly mounting, new age brackets are getting involved, and the geographical spread is expanding. The monthly Instagram audience in Russia is more than 20 million people, half of which live in cities with a million-plus population.

There is a substantial representation of beauty industry there. There are many beauty bloggers and accounts of cosmetic brands, and everyone has their active audience. In Russia, the following related hashtags are popular: #косметика (Rus. cosmetics) – 8 million; #уходзалицом (Rus. facial care) – 1.5 million; #уходзакожей (Rus. skin care) – 1.3 million etc.


We take on maintenance of accounts with publications of graphics and texts, reply to comments and messages, and interact with thematic communities. We prepare and place adverts of various types on Facebook. On the basis of the research, we surgically target ads to the target audience, with all things considered.

Facebook is the fourth most popular social media in Russian, with the monthly audience of 53.5 million people. It is used by 83% females and 75% males. Facebook has quite effective ads—26% users who have ever clicked on an ad made a purchase.


We know how to work with VK audience. We know how to present various categories of beauty ware products in the right way and attract a lot of people. We make a content plan in such a way as to increase views of every publication and convert them into sales.

VK is the most inclusive social media in Russia. 83% population of the country uses it monthly—this is more than major media have (Channel One, STS, TNT, and Russia 1). According to the data of the very network, its audience is the most solvent one.


We customize and moderate accounts. We prepare unique content in a format that is popular in OK. We create attractive advertising banners, target ads, and interact with interested users.

This is the most underestimated social media in Russia. Most companies do not consider it to promote their products. Meanwhile, OK audience is 45% population monthly.


We can work out a concept of your company’s blog. It can be a text or a video blog. A blog on a product and what is related to it: how you produce it, its benefits, how to use it, industry novelties etc. A blog to increase brand loyalty and to build and teach your audience.


We help collect a database of partners and potential buyers—those who will be interested in reading the news of your brand, receiving e-mails with special offers, interesting insights, and other materials.

We prepare a mail-out plan and all necessary materials (write e-mails, create visuals, prepare promotion actions), do e-mailing, stir up interest, and help increase your audience and its loyalty.


Advertising and events

We prepare and maintain advertising campaigns in various online and offline channels. We place context ads in search networks, video hosting services, social media, and themed websites. We create outdoor, TV, and radio ads. We choose the most effective channels for your product.
We get things working well with a pool of influencers. Today this is one of the most important promotion channels. Studies show that up to 90% consumers read online reviews, while 59% put their decisions on the grounds of recommendations from people whom they know and trust, such as friends, family, and people they follow online.
Product’s days
We organize and conduct promotion actions, ‘product’s days’ in beauty salons, and other events that will let buyers test and remember the product. We help create and implement a concept for exhibition displays.


We thoroughly analyze advertising campaigns, enhance effective channels, and adjust less effective ones.
We learn user behavior in the website and propose changes to raise the conversion.
Following the results of the campaign, we make a final report on the whole project.

What a Customer Gets

As a result, the product gets a foothold in the Russian market. It is recognizable for buyers; they trust it and choose it among similar offers.

The brand gets customized and functioning accounts in social media and harmonized advertising campaigns.

The client gets a strategy for further activities in the Russian market.

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