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Our marketing solutions for FMCG segment in Russia

Russian consumers today make their shopping experience using any device or channel at any time of the day or night. Modern consumers are connected, well-informed, and equipped like never before, so they expect an entertaining, particular, and authoritative brand experience on any matter: whether researching on a tablet or purchasing on a smartphone.

Therefore, retailers and consumer goods companies must steadily develop to reach customers, create specialized experiences, and build loyalty by breaking down barriers between the store and online channels in order to create a real omni-channel experience. By integrating deep analytical expertise with digital marketing capabilities, RMAA Group is purely positioned to help retail and consumer goods companies find reliable, customer-driven solutions and build long-lasting relations with customer.

Our Solutions

Digital Marketing

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At the moment, Digital Marketing for FMCG segment products has become the main channel of promotion, although Offline communication in FMCG still prevails. Digital Marketing will be relevant for the promotion of products that may be interesting for a specific group of consumers. Thus, it is possible to promote in thematic groups, on thematic sites or through agents of influence. RMAA Group experts will select the best tools of promotion in the field of Digital taking into account the peculiarities of your product.

  • Contextual advertising (PPC)
  • Target Display ad
  • RTB
  • Mobile ad solutions
  • Social Media

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Offline Marketing

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Today Offline Marketing in Russia is still the most relevant in the FMCG segment. Consumer goods require the largest possible coverage and least depend on audience targeting. RMAA Group specialists will provide you with a set of the most effective offline tools: advertising on TV and radio, press advertising, outdoor advertising.

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