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Russians Told How They Organized Children's Holidays This Summer



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Travel planning service OneTwoTrip found out from its customers where their children spent their summer holidays. It turned out that 71.1% of respondents were able to send their children on vacation — most often they were traveling with other adults (65.3%), staying with relatives (20.8%) or at the dacha (18.8%). 9.9% were able to take their children to the sea, and 4% — to a camp or sanatorium.

Those who could not organize a children's holiday this summer admitted that they were afraid of sending their child somewhere in the current situation (46.3% chose this option), and many also did not have the financial opportunity (43.9%). 22% hope that they will go somewhere as the whole family in the fall or winter. 17.1% simply had nowhere to send their children, and 7.3% wanted the child to stay with them. Coronavirus prevented 4.9% - because of the pandemic, they canceled flights, for which they bought tickets.

Choice of a certain type of vacation — at the dacha, at the sea, with relatives or on a family trip — for the majority was due to convenience (44.1% of respondents noted this answer) and low cost (34.4%). 30.1% believe that such holidays were the safest — and the same number noted that the format of the holiday was chosen by the child himself. 16.1% had no other options, and 8.6% sent their children to the same place as usual — such a vacation is familiar to the family. Some also said that they wanted to see their native country or certain cities, but they just took their children with them.

Many Russians (87.5%) who sent their children to a camp or sanatorium this summer explained that the main criterion for choosing a specific place for children's recreation was the presence of water activities — the sea, river, or at least a pool. The friendly attitude of the teachers was important for 50%. Also, the ability to control the child (37.5%) and a high level of security (37.5%) were serious advantages. For a quarter of the respondents, a rich educational program and physical activity are important. But positive reviews about a camp or sanatorium affect the choice only in 12.5% of cases.

Regions they choose to go on vacation

Most Russians consider the Krasnodar territory to be the most favorable for children's recreation — 49.5% chose it. 15.1% noted the Crimea, and the third place was taken by St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region (7.6% of votes).

In addition, the parents named the Kaliningrad region, the Irkutsk region, the Republic of Tatarstan, Moscow and the Moscow region, the Altai territory, the Astrakhan and Vladimir regions.

Travelers with children most often attributed their choice to the comfort of the region for family holidays (61.3%), the availability of necessary infrastructure (39.8%) and good ecology (37.6%). Also important are the distance and cost of the trip (both options were chosen by 20.4%) and safety of the region (18.3%). But only 12.9% of respondents were guided by the epidemiological situation.

How much they spent on children's holidays

The majority of Russians surveyed (53.5%) did not save on their children's vacation this summer: the most popular option was "more than 40,000 rubles". Some noted even 100,000 and 200,000 rubles.

28.2% spent amount from 20,000 to 40,000 rubles. 4.3% allocated from 15,000 to 20,000 rubles for children's recreation, and 5.4% each allocated from 10,000 to 15,000 rubles or less than 10,000 rubles. And 3.2% admitted that they do not know the exact amount, because this summer other relatives, such as grandparents, paid for the child's trips.

The survey was conducted in the OneTwoTrip mobile app. It was attended by 2,372 people.

Source: OneTwoTrip

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