Russian Tourism Market Report:
Trends, Analysis & Statistics 2022

Learn how to impress Russian tourists
and attract them to your country

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RMAA Travel team has done our own research of the Russian tourism market and written this study for tourism ministries,
foreign companies engaged in the travel industry, airlines, hotels and foreign advertising agencies which deal with promotion of tourism and travel-related services in Russia.

Why is this study unique?
We’ve tried to cover everything:
from overall review to key players, from behaviour of tourists to the marketing strategies of entering the Russian market.

In our study you will find answers to these questions:

  • How attractive is the tourism market of the largest country?
  • What countries do Russian travellers prefer to visit?
  • How much money are tourists from Russia ready to pay for a trip?
  • How do they plan their travel?
  • What players operate in the Russian travel market?
  • Where is the best place to advertise?
  • What an advertising campaign should be to win the heart of a Russian tourist?
  • What’s trending in travel 2022?
Interested to learn more about Russian tourist`s behaviour?
In our research you will find CJM report (customer journey map) of two groups of Russian tourists!
Vadim Tylik,

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