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RMAA Group – Russian Marketing and Advertising Agency offers high-quality and effective advertising on TV channel “The 5th Channel”.

The 5th is Saint Petersburg channel. The first TV show was broadcasted in far from now 1938. Nowadays 73 subjects of Russian Federation is covered by the 5th channel broadcasting net. The potential audience is about 146 million people. Today the 5th Channel is one of the leaders in information broadcasting and well known supplier os high quality serial content. Successful formats and projects of the channel inform, entertain and help million of people. 

There are two ways of advertising on The 5th Channel: direct advertising and through sponsorship (commercial, logotype, advertisement, product placement, item, special projects, etc.)

Last years The Fifth Channel is always in top 5 of channels with 4+ audience and in top 4 with 18+.

Exclusive The Fifth Channel’s preposition of advertising materials always develops. There are always new seasons and projects with top Russian stars.


The 5th Channel – Сhannel description

The 5th Channel target audience

The 5th Channel in Russia, pic. 1

The 5th Channel is informative and entertaining channel, which is oriented to the audience of all ages. First of all its target audience are social active, thinking outside the box people.

The 5 th channel created unique content – the net of opened studios, which allow to tell and discuss any news in online format, connecting cities of Russia. The channel build very loyal relations with its viewers, based on respect and trust.

The 5th Channel Content

The 5th Channel in Russia, pic. 3

Mainly The 5th Channel broadcast informational programs, news blocks and publicistic projects, serials, humor and children programs, interviews, films, games and documentary programs.

The philosophy of channel broadcasting is social optimism. All changes, new TV politic, new projects, faces and heroes, everything is based on this philosophy.


The average daily audience share of TV channels in Russia,%.

Calculated for the period of December 2016
The 5th Channel in Russia, pic. 5

22 mln
Monthly audience reach

Core audience age

76.42% of Russia
Technical coverage



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