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RMAA Group – Russian Marketing and Advertising Agency offers high-quality and effective advertising on TV channel “Euronews”.

Watching Euronews channel means to be in charge of all the most important Europe and global events. The main part of viewers are young heads and people with high level of income and high education.

Advertisement on Euronews is a good chance of placement inside informational programs and news on all day broadcasting channel.  Firstly, the channel Euronews was created in Europe in 1993 with an aim of giving Europeans the news service. Russian language production of Euronews is located in France, Lion city. Nowadays the broadcasting covers the whole Moscow district and Moscow. 

RMAA Group is ready to offer you advertising on TV channel “Euronews” taking into account specifics of your business that will allow your company to reach maximum efficiency of impact on your target audience.


Euronews – Сhannel description

Euronews target audience

TV channel Euronews in Russia, pic. 1

About 20 thousand of entrepreneurs, business owners and top specialists watch Euronews TV channel in the morning and 13 thousand in the evening.

The target audience are young heads and people with high level of income and high education, who are interested in latest business news.

Euronews Content

TV channel Euronews in Russia, pic. 3

Mainly the broadcast consists on news about political, weather, nature, business and financial condition in the world. Also there are cinema latest reviews, sport competitions and Europe football championship results, reviews of the latest information in top 50 press sources and no comment content, which doesn’t need any cementation.


The average daily audience share of TV channels in Russia,%.

Calculated for the period of December 2016
TV channel Euronews in Russia, pic. 5

20 thousand
Monthly audience reach

Core audience age

100%of Moscow
District Technical coverage



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