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RMAA Group – Russian Marketing and Advertising Agency offers high-quality and effective advertising on TV channel “MTV”.

To make your advertising on TV more successful and adequate,it’s reasonable to take advantage of some points. One of the main points is advertising on the channel with the appropriate targeted audience. It would be more successful to advertise on MTV if your targeted audience is ambitious, overcurious young people, full of energy and new ideas.

It’s also very important to use the properly-made media-plan to advertise on TV. Russian Marketing and Advertising Agency could provide an effective advertising on MTV for you, because our specialists rely on practical efficiency and knowledge cooperating with media analysts.

Advertising on MTV is based on the total audience rating (GRP — Gross Rating Points). GRP is the sum of all rating points over a specific time period or over the course of a media plan. The rating of a show represents the percentage of people (or households) reached by an advertisement, times the frequency they see it in a given campaign.


MTV – Сhannel description

MTV target audience

TV channel MTV in Russia , pic. 1

Advertisement on MTV channel can be addressed to very targeted audience. They are young people in age of 11 – 34 years old. MTV audience is teens, youngsters, students and grownups as well as successful, self - made people.

Targeting can be accomplished by choosing the proper time of advertising translation as well as making an accent on different channel projects.

MTV Content

TV channel MTV in Russia , pic. 3

The channel constantly renews its programs; among them are not only popular Russian and foreign music video but also popular TV shows like “House-check and Date”, “Janice’s Model School”, “Pimp My Ride”, cartoons “South Park” and “Sponge Bob” and so on.


The average daily audience share of TV channels in Russia,%.

Calculated for the period of December 2016
TV channel MTV in Russia , pic. 5

2.5 mln
Monthly audience reach

Core audience age

76.42% of Russia
Technical coverage



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