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RMAA Group – Russian Marketing and Advertising Agency offers high-quality and effective advertising on TV channel “Russia 1”.

We offer advertising on TV channel “Russia 1” covering the whole territory of Russia. Experts of RMAA Group will make professional media plan, taking into consideration the most effective output of the advertising message in the TV air.

Specialists of RMAA Group use such tools as ratings or GRP (Gross Rating Point), it`s is the product of the percentage of the target audience reached by an advertisement, times the frequency they see it in a given campaign.

In order to determine GRP of advertising campaign, it`s necessary to know all ratings of all advertisement messages. Taking into consideration GRP ratings, professionals of RMAA Grooup reach the most effective results of advertising campaigns. So, specialists of RMAA Group use modern and innovative ways of advertisement positioning on Russian TV.

RMAA Group is ready to offer you advertising on TV channel “Russia 1” taking into account specifics of your business that will allow your company to reach maximum efficiency of impact on your target audience.

RMAA Group does its best in order advertising of your business to be on sale effectively and cooperation with us was not only pleasant for you, but also the most favorable.


Russia 1 – Сhannel description

Russia 1 target audience

TV channel Russia 1, pic. 1

Firstly, target audience of the channel Russia 1 is 90% of the whole population of Russia, secondly, target audience of the channel is people elder than 18, that means people who have strict views, habits, and values of life.

Russia 1 Content

TV channel Russia 1, pic. 3

Russia 1 has a great variety of genres, films, TV shows, talk shows, serials, funny shows, full-length feature films and documentary films, broadcasting of sport and socio-political events. All of these make the channel more interesting for placing of any advertisement massage.


The average daily audience share of TV channels in Russia,%.

Calculated for the period of December 2016
TV channel Russia 1, pic. 5

Monthly audience reach

Core audience age

92,5% of Russia
Technical coverage



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