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RMAA Group – Russian Marketing and Advertising Agency offers high-quality and effective advertising on TV channel “TNT”.

TNT TV channel is an absolute leader among the young audience of Russia. The channel wins the battle for attention of 18-30 years old audience. The core of TNT audience is young people with modern type of view, opened to changes and innovations and who are susceptible for any kind of advertisement. The viewers of the channel are mostly wealthy people with high and medium level of income.

What kind of advertising more preferable: direct advertising, through sponsorship or product placement, is up to you. To develop media-plan the RMAA Group specialists include total rating GRP and TRP indicator.

RMAA Group helps you to find more profitable ways of advertising making it more interesting and more clear to your targeted audience.


TNT – Сhannel description

TNT target audience

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RMAA Group provides the advertising services on TNT, one of the modern and dynamic channels, which have more than 100 million stable audiences.

Advertising on TNT is a great deal if your target audience is ambitious, self-confident, talented and responsible young people at the age of 18-45.

TNT Content

TV channel TNT in Russia, pic. 3

There are different youth-oriented TV programs such as youth drama, talk - shows, comedy programs, popular feature films. And, of course, the ‘heart’ of the channel - reality-show "House - 2", it keeps stable ratings for a long period of time and has a constant target audience.

There are two ways of advertising on TNT, especially in reality - shows like "House - 2": direct advertising or through sponsorship.

Rich of humor let advertising form more friendly attitude of consumers. Nobody be untouched by TNT comic programs like “Happy Together”, “Versity”, “Interns”, “Comedy Club”, “Our Russia”.

You can also choose such popular reality-shows as “Mentalist’s Battle “Cinderella: reloaded” to advertise.


The average daily audience share of TV channels in Russia,%.

Calculated for the period of December 2016
TV channel TNT in Russia, pic. 5

41.7 mln
Monthly audience reach

Core audience age

92,5% of Russia
Technical coverage



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