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Do Russians Want to Travel After Lockdown?



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We are sure that the question whether tourists will go on travel again after the restrictions are removed is of concern basically for the whole tourism industry. We collected data from the latest studies of Russian tourists’ preferences and can say for sure that Russians miss travelling and are ready to set off for a tour not only across their country, but also abroad. However, first things first.

As early as in the beginning of May, research holding Romir published a study that showed that the share of those who plan their vacation or trip has grown almost twice since the beginning of the lockdown.

How do you entertain yourself in the current lockdown / work-at-home situation?

Source: research holding Romir

Every Fifth Russian Wants to Go Abroad

According to the study by Ipsos Adapt!, after the restrictions are removed, 36% respondents are going to take tourist trips across Russia within the nearest six months and 20% abroad (respondents were inhabitants of cities with a million-plus population aged 18-65). The data was collected on May 18-20, 2020.

At that, it is worth noting that most people are not ready to go travelling even across the country yet—this was reported by half of respondents while 68% Russians are not going to go abroad; 15% and 12% respectively are still undecided.

Notably, men want to travel much more than women: 40% men are ready to go on travel across Russia and 23% abroad. Women, however, approach the problem of going back to travelling more cautiously: among them, the share is 32% and 17% respectively.

Are you going to travel for tourism purposes during first 6 months after the quarantine is over?

Source: Adapt! Emergency Monitoring, May 18-22, 2020, Russian cities 1mln+, 18-65

On the same study wave, Adapt! received information that 43% inhabitants cities with a million-plus population aged 18-65 are ready to get back in the groove of things immediately after the restrictions are removed, and only 7% say that they will not get back to most of their previous habits any more. As for this issue, men are similarly more eager to get back to their pre-lockdown life style as soon as possible (51%). As for women, their share is 42%. Women see their return to pre-epidemic life more slow-footed; 8% believe that they will not get back to most of their previous habits any more while there are only 6% men who have the same opinion.

Russians Are Ready to Travel As Early As in July

Analysts of Aviasales came to this conclusion during a study conducted in late May.

Having processed six million of search queries, Aviasales analysts found out as follows:

  • most Russians would like to travel in July already (46%);
  • August has taken the second place (30%), while 16% look for tickets in September;
  • tourists are going to vacate for two weeks on average.

Experts analyzed the search of air tickets on departure dates from July 1 until October 31, 2020 and defined top popular destinations:

1. Russian resorts (57.9% of all search results);

2. Turkey (3.4%);

3. Spain (2.3%);

4. USA (2.1%);

5. Italy (1.9%);

6. Thailand (1.8%);

7. Germany (1.4%);

8. France (1.3%);

9. Montenegro (1.2%);

10. Greece (1.1%).

As for the question where Aviasales users will go first after the coronavirus is over, 69% answered that they are going to new or already checked places. 31% respondents are going to visit their loved ones.

In general, people look for tickets for two weeks (26%) or for one week (20%).

Source: Aviasales, 28 May 2020

Tourists who purchased tickets in advance look on the bright side of things, too: 71% believe that they will go on vacation as early as this year.

Youth Prefers Foreign Countries

The older tourists are, the more they are ready to go on travel across Russia after the epidemiological situation returns to normal (17% respondents aged 55+ told that Russia is their priority destination for trips). At the same time, Russia is unpopular for trip among young travellers (aged 18-34). They would prefer to go to European (42%) or Asian (25%) countries for holidays.

‘Imagine that the worldwide epidemiological situation is now stable, and you are planning your trip. Where will you most probably go on travel?’, % respondents, age distribution

Source: Study by NAFI (National Agency for Financial Studies), 20 May 2020

Russian Tourists Want Vacations

That being said, it is high time to vitalize all marketing activities to attract Russians who are thirsty for impressions to your region. If you have not decided on the post-coronavirus marketing strategy yet, message us, and RMAA Travel experts will help you form an optimal plan to overcome the crisis and attract tourists in the new reality.

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