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How to Sell An Apartment Or Luxury Properties to Russian Audience?



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Today we will talk about how to sell a foreign luxury properties to the Russian audience: apartments, houses, villas, chateaux, lands and etc.. First we should say that it is quite complicated product for promotion: target audience is fairly narrow, advertising opportunities for this audience are limited and the cost is high. However, there are different tools to promote such complicated products.

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The promotion challenge of luxury properties in Russia can be solved in different ways. The choice of promotion channels depends on what kind of objects you are going to promote. Firstly, it can be a promotion of individual objects of real estate: houses, villas, palaces and etc.. Secondly, it can be a promotion of your web catalogue of real estate properties. And finally, it can be a promotion of a housing complex, town or district. Accordingly, the selection of tools to be used depends on the type of your offer. Let's have a look at each of them.

Sale of individual real estate objects

Specialized web catalogues

Upon the sale of individual real estate objects it is advisable to use special web catalogues that allow you to gain access to millions of potential customers around the world, while spending a minimum of effort on the promotion and application processing. Russian users which are interested in real estate abroad more probably will search on one of the following sites:;;;.;

Placing ads in these systems is the most simple and quiet effective way for the sale of individual real estate objects.

Affiliate email marketing

Working with web catalogues it makes sense to use an affiliate E-mail marketing: to negotiate, for example, that your objects will be placed in the newsletter, which the partner sends to their subscribers. This tool can be used with any companies or organizations that have the desired customer data, such as real estate companies.

Contextual advertising and advertising in social networks

Another way for sale of individual real estate objects is to use contextual advertising and advertising in social networks. Links from this advertising can lead on a specially created landing page or on the Russian-speaking community in a social network.

While promoting in social networks the main task is to segment the audience as accurately as possible. The best thing is to prepare and use a special data of social networking user’s profiles. Ideally advertisements should appear only to your target audience. In the case of the luxury property it is wealthy people, media persons, businessmen, top managers of large companies, officials. When you select a target audience you should focus on the following parameters:

place of work;

position held;

a certain social status of users and their friends;

the opportunity to travel to expensive resorts;

recently visited location you are interested (place of location of the object being promoted);

interest to luxury property, VIP and individual tours, premium cars;

interest to culture, sights, cuisine of the country in which the object is located. 

Using of SMM tools

Also, in addition to targeted advertising it is worth to use the SMM tools. For example, create and promote the Russian-speaking community on Facebook, dedicated to your real estate objects. Social networks have a number of advantages compared with other advertising channels when promoting such a complex product as a luxury property. This is a personalized contact, the ability to quickly reach the audience with a high level of income and the viral effect.

Promotion of real estate web catalogue



If you want to promote a real estate web catalogue in Russia, then, first of all, it is necessary to use SEO tools. It is important to bring your catalogue in the top search queries related to buying property abroad. This will cover the audience which has a direct interest in overseas property.

Contextual advertising

Also, to promote a real estate web catalogue, as well as promotion of any sites, it is necessary to use contextual advertising. Placing an advertisement in Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords is one of the most important ways of advertising on the Internet.

Using of SMM tools

In addition, to advertise a web catalogue, you must use SMM tools. This means a creation, utilizing and filling of the content of Russian-speaking communities in social networks dedicated to your site.

Email marketing

Email marketing is not an instrument of web catalogue promotion initially, but it is a very important tool for interaction with the audience of the site and a way to maintain the audience's interest to the site. Therefore, it is important to collect users’ data from the outset and to promote subscription to your newsletter.

Promotion of luxury complex, town, district


To advertise a luxury district or complex you can use the above mentioned tools such as:

E-mail marketing;

Contextual advertising;

Advertising in social networks;


Advertising in Mass Media

However, the advertising of luxury complex is different because it's not just an advertising of the object with its strengths and weaknesses, the positive and negative characteristics. When you advertise a luxury complex or area first of all you need to sell the idea of living in a luxury area, the idea of comfort and safety. Therefore, for the promotion of the complex or area, it makes sense to use advertising in mass media.

For such a product as an elite real estate it makes sense to choose the editions that are focused on a wealthy audience: expensive glossy magazines, publications for business people and top managers, as well as specialized media about real estate. In addition, it is necessary to look at the places which can be visited by wealthy audience, and the magazines, which are distributed in those places. For example, planes, luxury hotels, restaurants, car salons.

Native advertising

It is important to say about the native advertising. This format is suitable for the promotion of luxury property. The fact is that such an expensive purchase as a luxury house, will not be made immediately after the advertising exposure. Native advertising could become the first impetus that may push the prospective buyer to make a purchase. For example, the article can be devoted to the culture of the country or urban infrastructure, attractions, or the level of comfort of living in a particular area, and that is what will make the reader thinking about purchasing a property in that country, city, region.

Luxury property is an interesting and challenging product to promote. The main thing of advertising of real estate products is to segment the audience as clearly as possible, referring primarily to your target audience. For promotion you can use specialized sites, contextual advertising, E-mail marketing, social media and some mass media. Specialists of RMAA Group will help you to tell to the Russian audience about your property in a proper way.

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