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Only a Third of Business Trips Took Place in 2020



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Experts of the business tourism agency "Aeroclub" conducted study on airline ticket bookings by business representatives in 2020 and found out how the demand changed in the era of the pandemic, which countries and cities remained in demand and which industries continued to travel, despite the restrictions.

The study revealed that the number of airline tickets purchased by business travelers in 2020 decreased by 66% compared to last year. Thus, the number of business trips in Russia fell by 60%, and foreign trips reached only 16% of the volume of 2019. If a year earlier, the share of foreign flights accounted for a quarter of all business travel, this year it has decreased to 12%.

Experts noted that representatives of the mining and manufacturing industries, energy, as well as employees of pharmaceutical companies and FMCG, who were among the top in terms of the number of business trips in 2019, significantly reduced their business trips. In particular, the pharmaceutical industry and FMCG were forced to reduce their flights by 74%. To a lesser extent, the restrictions affected representatives of the mining and manufacturing industries, energy industry: the number of their business trips decreased by 55%. Despite the pandemic, representatives of financial and consulting companies (-60%), employees of companies providing information technology equipment (-61%), as well as representatives of the retail market (-62%) continued to travel. Thus, the top most actively flying industries in 2020 included mining and manufacturing, energy, retail and pharmaceuticals, FMCG, as well as companies providing information technology equipment.

Source: Aeroclub

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