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Every Tenth Russian is Planning a Trip Relying on Bloggers’ Advice



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These conclusions were made by analysts of (hotel online booking website) after they have studied answers of more than 1,500 social media users.

The aim of the poll was to find out what information sources tourists use when planning the route of an upcoming trip.

The most popular answer among female respondents was websites with travellers’ reviews—27% respondents address them. Among men, this option is as popular as feedback and recommendations from their friends and relatives: 20% admitted that they chiefly trust them. Women, unlike men, cater to their friends’ feedback a bit less (18%).

Seeking out ideas for their upcoming trip, it is more common for women to read travel forums (13%), watch TV shows about travels (11%), study websites with information about certain destinations and reviews of popular travel bloggers (10%), as well as to listen to advice from travel agents (7%).

It is least common for tourists to plan a trip, relying on recommendations of printed guidebooks (2%) and articles in mass media (4%).

Interestingly, the majority of men interrogated believe that they do not rely on any information sources when planning a trip (58%). Among women, this opinion is shared by less than half of respondents (48%).


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