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Programmatic Buying In Russia



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Programmatic buying made revolution in Marketing business all around the world and Russia is not an exception. It gave the possibility to buy advertisements on the different websites directly and in different formats. It saves the time and money because you do not have to deal with every website specifically. However, Programmatic buying technology is only developing and it cannot resolve all the tasks yet. But it will. To know more about the current situation of Programmatic buying on Russian Market read in material of RMAA Group.

Programmatic buying means the set of methods, which being used for automatic purchasing of the media adverts. Now robots work from the both – seller’s and customer’s sides. They analyze requirements of a customer by the quantity and quality of the audience, traffic and status of the website. They compare the information with results of the majority of other websites and perform the best way to place adverts for website owners and customers just in a few seconds. At first, Programmatic buying was used for sales in the Internet, but now it is possible to use this model in the TV and in out-of-home advertising.

Programmatic buying includes all the sets of practices. First of all, that is Real-Time Bidding (RTB) – purchasing advertisements in a real time technology on a base on the auction. Also, Programmatic technologies are used in a private business contracts and in private advertising auctions.

Experts talk about general approach for procurements using Big Data instead of specific practices. The Big Data is diversity massive of immediately upcoming digital information that cannot be maintained manually.

Currently, according to the spreading of that technology Russia stays behind the Western countries. However, the Russian market of Programmatic buying experiences is increasing rapidly, and obviously, is going to increase further. Moreover, the market is diverse and has variation of segments.

Public auctions, which allow buying banner formats with assistance of Demand Side Platforms through stock market. The largest amount of cheap advertising inventory is presented here.

Private systems of purchasing software. Some participants of Online-market create their own advertising selling systems. For example, and Yandex poses such systems.

Fair deals in which advertisers purchase advertising inventory directly from websites. • Mobile advertising. Because of set of reasons, mobile advert procurements might be conditionally considered as Programmatic buying. Nevertheless, in that segment registered is increasing.

Retargeting or purchasing based on dates, accumulated by advertiser about their clients. In Russian market several agencies work in re-communicating with advertiser’s website auditory.

Banner networks. Such banner networks sale which realize on the base of auditory data, with dynamic price and real time optimization can be attributed to the RTB category.

RTB purchasing model is becoming popular in Russia. Earlier, this model was used by banks and eCommerce representatives. Today, almost all categories of advertisers are using automated purchases. Fast Moving Consumer Goods producers, retailers and auto market representatives are leaders in that sphere.

A pharmaceutical segment increased in 2015, which is relatively new for a Programmatic market. E-commerce and banks share is decreasing instead.

Programmatic buying technologies continue to develop. We can define the set of ways technology is going to develop.

• Using the branded data in placing the advertisement. A lot of companies collect large number of personal data about their clients. First, they are banks and mobile operators. This data can be effectively used in atomized adverts purchasing.

• Increasing quality of advertising inventory and increasing the role of procurements.

• Appearing decisions in the controlling of multi-screen monitoring sector. For example, today by using Google DoubleClick, we can rate the unique coverage based on the results of campaign with adjusting by the specific types of devices. In upcoming future, purchasing with orienting on this setting is going to be possible.

Nowadays Programmatic technology develops advertising market. Automated system can analyze great massive of data in a few seconds and select the right variant of advertising for either a seller or a client. It is much more effective than any number of media planners. RMAA Group specialists will help you to understand the system of automated purchasing of advertisement in Russia.


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