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Review of Russian Websites for Foreign Real Estate Sale



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For many Russians, housing purchase abroad is on the list of their dearest wishes. That is why more and more services appear in the Russian market that let them see the options and buy or rent real estate abroad.

For a buyer or a tenant, portals are interesting, first of all, by an opportunity to find proper realty quickly; for foreign real estate owners, to promote their offer for Russian-speaking users. For the analysis, we chose Top 5 portals from Google organic search results in query ‘buy realty abroad’.





5. – 96 thousand offers as of July 2019

This is a real estate search service in 75 countries of the world, based in Saint Petersburg. The portal allows buying or renting residential and commercial real estate, as well as land lots in many countries. unites hundreds of companies and individuals presenting their properties all over the world on all continents but Antarctica. Service partners are top developers, real estate agencies, consultants, professional investors. experts provide practical insights, answer questions, present analytical data. Best experts of the planet perform on pages of the service.

Throughout the year (from July 2018 until June 2019), the portal has been visited by more than 10 million users. More than 80% visitors are from CIS countries, Baltic States (20,11%), and Russia (62,46%).

Apart from that, portal experts conduct polls among users. So, as a result of one poll, experts found out that more than half of potential real estate buyers have been keeping searching for more than one year already (54%). 20% users come to the website just to get a look at the situation in the market, while more than half of visitors are going to buy housing with different purposes.

Publishing rate:

Personal ad: from 40 euro per month.

Companies can place ads in the “Subscription” system, which implies individual publishing terms. – 70 thousand offers

Tranio is an international real estate broker headquartered in Moscow, backed up by an office in Bryansk, and having offices in Europe: Spain (Barcelona, Alicante), Germany (Berlin, Munich), Greece (Athens), and Turkey (Antalya). The website presents real estate in 57 countries of the world.

Upon clients’ requests, Tranio experts select real estate, as well as best service providers necessary for profitable and safe investing overseas.

Company experts provide a wide range of services, from property search to permanent residence in Europe and the USA.

According to Tranio, the website is daily visited by 11 thousand users.

Advertising rate:

Individual listing: 5 rubles per day (nearly 2 euro per month per listing).

For agencies and developers, there is a separate partnership program. – 140 thousand offers

This is one of the leading Russian overseas property portals. Today, the portal catalogue includes dozens of thousands of residential and commercial properties all over the world from 715 agencies, developers, and homeowners. The search provides properties from more than 60 countries of the world.

According to, the service is monthly visited by more than 300 thousand users.

Advertising rate:

Private listing: 960 rubles per 120 days (3.5 euro per month per listing).

For real estate agencies and developers, grants an opportunity of fixed rate and advertising placement.

Apart from the real estate purchase and rent portal, HomesOverseas has one more project, which is Homes Overseas Russian Awards, the only Russian award of overseas property which rewards every year the best foreign developments and real estate agencies working with Russian speaking clients. It is held since 2010 by web-portal.

Who can participate in the Awards?

  • Residential and commercial developments situated outside of Russian Federation, which are on sale during the Awards period and which have necessary licenses and approvals;
  • Real estate agencies which are registered and have an office outside of Russia, which have necessary licenses and certificates and working with Russian speaking buyers;
  • Websites of foreign developments, developers and real estate agencies. – 43 thousand offers

This is an overseas property portal presenting properties from 37 countries of the world. On the website, any user can be consulted by experienced experts regarding foreign real estate in various countries.

Advertising rate:

Standard listing: 90 euro for 6 month (15 euro per month per listing).

Depending on the number of listing, the rate amount can reduce.

Besides, 1-Property is the official media partner of the most successful overseas real estate & investment events in Moscow:

  • Moscow Overseas Property & Investment Show (11-12 October 2019) 

The main concept of INVESTSHOW Overseas Property & Investment Show is to grant opportunities for overseas investments. Exhibition visitors get an insider’s perspective of all up-to-date information on real estate market conditions in different countries, on work prospects in various fields, on projects that one can join as a co-investor.

  • Moscow International Property Show (15-16 November 2019)

This is the first and largest international real estate show. Show’s visitors have an opportunity to meet leading experts engaged in overseas real estate. Biggest project developers, real estate and broker agencies, and consulting companies all over the world—this is the pool of the show participants. – 1,280 offers

Rentsale is an international real estate agency working mostly with sellers from European countries. As of July 2019, the service lists properties from 13 European countries.

Buyers of Rentsale properties are residents of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, as well as people from across Russia, from Khabarovsk to Kaliningrad, plus Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other countries of the near abroad.


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