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“The Russian Tourism Market Report: Trends, Analysis & Statistics”, Update, 2019



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The tourism industry is constantly evolving. In order to understand not only the current state of the travel market, but also to evaluate its dynamics, it is important to follow the updates of data. And if you are interested in Russian tourists attraction, then our updated research “The Russian Tourism Market Report: Trends, Analysis & Statistics. How to impress Russian tourists and attract them to your country” will help you to find out what’s new in the Russian outbound travel market.

Russia in the world travel market

In 2018, Russia showed the largest growth of +16% (by the amount of expenditures of citizens on holidays and travel abroad), which let her maintain the 8th place in the world rating.

However the outbound tourism market finished the year of 2018 with a humble (compared to growth rates of 2017) growth in the number of tourists. At year-end 2018, the outbound tourist flow grew only by 6.1% (in 2017 – by 35.9%).

What countries Russian tourists visited in 2018?

If to take only tourist flow, Turkey will be in the first place by a significant margin. 4 497 thousand Russian tourists visited it in 2018. Besides Turkey, the most popular countries among Russian tourists are: Thailand, Italy, Spain, UAE, China, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Tunisia. Top 10 countries have not changed as compared to last year; however, there were moves inside the very ten: the biggest drop of the Russians’ flow is about China (-14%), while the biggest growth is demonstrated by such destinations as Turkey (+19%) and Tunisia (+18%). The dynamics of the Russians’ outgoing flow to various countries for the last two years is shown on the page 8 of our travel market research.

How do Russian tourists prefer to book travel services?

In 2018, NAFI research center published a Russia-wide study conducted from December 2017 until January 2018. The poll showed that 61% Russians who plan long-distance travels use the Internet to look for relevant information about a city or country where they are going to go.

Most Russian tourists (66%) buy tickets online. This rate is much higher among the residents of Moscow and Saint Petersburg and reaches 89%.

More than half of Russians (55%) pay for accommodation (hotel, house renting) during long-distance travels online. Learn more about Russian tourists’ preferences from “The Russian Tourism Market Report”.

Russian advertising market

According to the Russian Association of Communication Agencies (RACA), the Russian advertising market grew by 12% for 2018 in comparison with 2017: its volume amounted to $6.7 billion.

The Deloitte study demonstrates the growth of the advertising loyalty index in 2018 by 4%. What is the Russians attitude to various advertising formats? Find the answer in “The Russian Tourism Market Report”.

What else will you discover?

  • How much money do Russian travellers spend on a trip?
  • What devices do they use while searching the tours?
  • How do they plan travels?
  • What players operate in the Russian market?
  • Where is it worth and where is it not worth to advertise?
  • What an advertising campaign should be to win the heart of a Russian tourist?
  • What are the main trends of Russian travel market?

Download “The Russian Tourism Market Report” and find out the answers.

If you want to present your destination or travel services in the Russian market, rely on RMAA Travel experts: we will do market research, make up a strategy of an effective promotion in the Russian market to win hearts of Russian travellers.

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The Russian Tourism Market Report: Trends, Analysis & Statistics | 2019. How to impress Russian tourists and attract them to your country

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