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Russians Named Their Favorite Destinations for Event Tourism



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Analysts have found out how Russians feel about trips that are timed to holidays or events, as well as where their most memorable trips took place. Among the countries, Italy was the most popular one, and St. Petersburg was the leader of Russian destinations. This is stated in the results of a study of the OneTwoTrip travel planning service.

So, to celebrate an important event, 58% of Russians go on a trip.

According to the study, 59% of respondents celebrated their birthday on a trip at least once, and 45% celebrated New Year.

In addition, 52% of respondents took part in local holidays abroad, and 9% — in trips around the country.

33% of tourists traveled to the performance of their favorite artist in other cities or countries, and 22% went to sports competitions.

Analysts said that memorable trips abroad, tied to any event, were most often visited by tourists in Italy: 10% spent their honeymoon here, celebrated birthdays, attended a carnival in Venice or exhibitions.

The second place, as experts found out, is taken by Thailand (9%), where many celebrate the New Year or get married.

7.5% of respondents named France, especially Paris. Here travelers confessed their love to each other, attended concerts, exhibitions and celebrated birthdays.

A trip to Spain was remembered by 7% — tourists attended football matches there or celebrated the New Year in the Canary Islands, and to Turkey — 5.9% of Russians, some of them spent their honeymoon there.

Among Russian cities in terms of event tourism, St. Petersburg turned out to be the most popular — it was singled out by 19% of respondents.

According to the survey, 11% of travelers remember holidays in Sochi. On Elbrus and Baikal, they often made proposals, and also celebrated the New Year (these directions gained 9% each).

7% came to Kaliningrad to celebrate their birthday. Dagestan, Altai and Kamchatka are also in high demand among travelers — they were named by 5.7% of respondents.

A total of 2.4 thousand people took part in the survey.

Source: RT

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