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Russians with Kids Prefer Beach and Excursion Vacations in Europe and Russia



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OneTwoTrip, a service for travel planning, learned from its clients how exactly they travel with children. It turned out that most families choose excursions or beach recreation for trips where 80% do not experience any issues on a travel.

It is most convenient to travel with children across Europe (chosen by 48.4% respondents) and Russia (28.6%). 9.5% users of OneTwoTrip prefer going to Asia as a family and 2.4% to CIS countries of America respectively. 8.7% parents choose different options.

Most often, travellers with children get to the destination by plane (78.8%), but families with one child fly 10% less often than large families. 11.6% go by car and 8.5% by train. At that, travellers with one child prefer a car to a train almost 3 times more often.

How Russians with children vacate

The most popular type of recreation among families with kids is excursions, chosen by 32.4% respondents. The second place is taken by chill-out beach recreation (31%). 28.9% parents have the juice to spend time actively; others prefer health-improving trips. As for sports or extreme holidays, almost nobody is ready for that. Large families choose excursions and beaches equally as often while travellers having only one kid are more ready for outdoor activities.

What difficulties can be on vacation?

The majority (80.5%) do not experience any issues on the go. 16.1% admit that some minor issues still occur, while 3.4% have rough times in family travels. Interestingly, men noted that travelling with a child is difficult twice more often than women, while 10% more women do not consider family vacations to be problematic.

Main issues that travellers with children face are problems with the absence of a good entertainment program at the location (34%), discomfort associated with the journey (25%), and a disappointing diet (25%). Some also complain about problems appearing during check-in at a hotel (7%) and about service (2%). Families with one child experience issues most often on the go or cannot find suitable food (what is interesting, young travellers aged 4-7 are the pickiest ones). When there are several children in a family, most problems are caused by lack of entertainment. They are most topical for 15-plus teenagers and toddlers.

Most travellers, namely 41.3%, give 3 out of 5 points to entertainment events for kids in hotels. The same percentage of respondents—7.9%—gave 5 and 1, while 5.6% parents that hotel entertainment is only worth 2 points.

77% travellers answer in the affirmative as to whether services for kids have recently become better, but 47.6% clarify that positive changes are minor. 23% are sure that service standards did not change. None of the parents told about the service degradation.

The survey was made via mailout from OneTwoTrip, with 1,938 people have taken part in it.


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