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Top Russian-Language Travel Bloggers on Instagram



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Instagram is one of the bloggers’ beloved platforms. This may be the only social media network where the blogger/reader ratio is way too much. In many ways, it can be explained by the fact that everyone who posts beautiful pictures with small texts already purports to be a blogosphere member. Travel bloggers are no exception—#travelblogger (Rus. #тревелблогер) tag allows finding more than 50 thousand publications by users whose number of subscribers varies from 200 to one million.

However, how can one find these among all those who will create content of good quality and tell subscribers about your region as vividly as possible and from those very angles that are of interest for the audience?

We decided to simplify the problem for travel marketers as best as one can and to make up lists of travel bloggers from various platforms and social media. We have already told about travelling YouTube video bloggers, so now please find below travel bloggers, with separate categories of travel photographers and travel moms, in the Russian-speaking Instagram.

Travel Bloggers

Let us start from the largest category or actually those who love travelling, telling about their trips and routes, and doing it in an incredibly beautiful and ‘yummy’ way—Russian-speaking travel bloggers.

  • @yana_leventseva (946 thousand subscribers +36 thousand per last 2 month)



  • @sergeysuxov (911 thousand +120 thousand)
  • @veryire (602 thousand -5 thousand)
  • @svoimxodom (367 thousand +10 thousand)
  • @sonchicc (296 thousand +16 thousand)
  • (196 thousand -10 thousand)
  • @sea_see_you (148 thousand)
  • @elilevchuk (128 thousand +102 thousand)
  • @kasegasanov (100 thousand)
  • (99,8 thousand +1 thousand)
  • @juli_berk (97,9 thousand +22 thousand)
  • @ninelly_ (87 thousand)
  • @kattyhot (60,8 thousand -2 thousand)
  • @larsjohanson (40,3 thousand)
  • @riita.h (21,4 thousand -1 thousand)
  • @pikalokate (7,5 thousand)

Travel Photographers

This is a separate category, cooperation with which will let you stock up on a huge number of amazing pictures of landmarks and most beautiful places in your region. Everyone has his or her inimitable style, presentation, and very loyal audience longing for pictorial reports from across the globe.

  • @elivosk (416 thousand +32 thousand)



  • @alex.mazurov (290 thousand +12 thousand)
  • @pavelmatveev (231 thousand +45 thousand)
  • @photo_shapiev (156 thousand +1 thousand)
  • @diamond__sky (108 thousand)
  • @nuewens (65,5 thousand)
  • @igorcibulsky (65,3 thousand)
  • @alexskalin (63,2 thousand +3 thousand)
  • @romcore (60,7 thousand)
  • @ted.ns (46 thousand)
  • @annahaova (28,6 thousand)
  • @savinskyv (20,2 thousand)

Travel Moms

How can one travel with children? This question worries most parents. What is interesting, modern parents address bloggers to get the answer as it is possible not only to learn about a new country from them but also to keep track of the route and places that can be visited with a child and that will make the day of the whole family.

  • @uletimru (677 thousand +17 thousand)

  • @gruni_ce (359 thousand +4 thousand)
  • @travel_kiddy (49,2 thousand +4 thousand)
  • @kul_family (33,7 thousand)
  • @elena.shors (7,6 thousand)

Designed Tours

This is one more interesting category of bloggers combining two in one: opportunities to learn about landmarks of other countries and to repeat the authors’ route that one liked. Taking into account that such tours, as a rule, are not designed for high street but tooled for a particular client (and, as it so happens, not cheap at all), they can become the icing on the cake of promotion of your region.

  • @zastrozhin (175 thousand)
  • @mugglebai (101 thousand)

This is far from the complete segmentation of bloggers, and during the updates we will definitely be extending not only the number of participants, but also providing a clearer breakdown by certain categories.

The list of travel bloggers is updated quarterly.

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