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Tourism Post-COVID Marketing: 10 Digital Ideas to Remind Tourists of a Destination



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As a result of the pandemic, the use of Internet resources by users has reached an unprecedented scale. Even today, many companies keep in touch with their customers through online activity. One day borders are opened and another day they are closed again. And the tourism business is constantly on the hook. One thing should be stable: continuous communication with users.

We have collected several ideas that you can use in your content strategy for maintaining a website, pages in social networks, and even in email newsletters. It is enough to adapt the proposed ideas to the format and specifics of your tourist destination and you will have a ready-made content strategy for promoting a tourist destination in such a difficult period.

Let's start with the topics that, for some reason, some countries prefer avoiding the situation with the coronavirus in the country, e.g., on the same pages in social networks And, it's a big mistake. The pandemic period and the post-Covid period are the times when it is important to establish a trusting relationship with tourists and let them know that during preparation for the trip and during the tour itself, they will be able to learn all the latest news directly from you and thus feel safer. So, the first and most important idea is simple:

Demonstrate security

Today it is important to show concern for tourists: tell them what measures are already being taken in the country to reduce the number of infections, and what measures are scheduled. Speak honestly about the number of infected people and possible consequences of a lockdown for a tourist. If some regions in the country impose quarantine, also report it on your Internet resources.

Conduct a "briefing"

Governments are constantly updating tourist precautions. Speak about them. Write down the entire path of the tourist in conditions of increased safety measures, from getting off the plane to arriving at the hotel and visiting attractions. What tests should be done and whether they should be done at all. Where and how they can be done. How much it will cost. This period itself is very nervous – help the tourist to remove unnecessary doubts and worries, as well as prepare all the necessary documents in advance to quickly resolve these issues and enjoy his/her vacation.

Speak about a secluded spots

More and more tourists will soon prefer a secluded holiday: private beaches, agricultural farms, detached villas, rental homes on wheels and tent recreation – tell tourists about all the options for a separate holiday that you can offer today. By the way, if we talk about tent recreation, an important factor in its development was not only and not so much the Covid-19 epidemic, but preference of tourists for budget-oriented and eco-friendly recreation.

Conduct online tours

This marketing tool, which many countries adopted during the lockdown period, has become one of the most powerful in terms of familiarizing users with the sights of different countries, their cultural and historical heritage. Virtual tours give everyone the opportunity to visit the best museums in the world, walk through streets of European or Asian cities, climb mountains or raft on a stormy mountain river. In this way, we virtually help tourists refresh their memories of the moments they experienced during their trip, or on the contrary, ignite a desire to see the great works of nature and people live.

Stream online and offline events

Online broadcasts of events attract more and more viewers around the world. With that, if we are talking about tourism sector, the scale of the event is not important. Broadcast celebrations of national holidays or events that reflect folk traditions, or maybe your region hosts unusual sports events that are not available in any other country – show them to the world and give tourists another reason to come to your region.

Teach new things

Training during the quarantine period has become an integral part of many users' lives. If they make the best wines in your region – organize sommelier courses, or maybe your region is famous for incredible wood carvers – why not show their inner workings?!

And a few more ideas that will allow you to engage users and get an emotional response from them.

Invite users to have a stylized party

Tell users how they can organize an ethno-party: what national elements should be in costumes and decorations (you may even be able to tell them where to buy them or how to make them with one's own hands), what to cook, what drinks to choose for guests, help them in choosing musical support and contests, and tell them about traditions. The more interesting information users have, the easier it will be to organize a fun and noisy ethnic party.

Create AR masks with national attributes

In August 2020, this Instagram tool turned one year old. If initially AR masks were just entertainment, today it is one of the most effective tools for brand promotion. Masks trigger the generation of user-generated content and help increase brand awareness, particularly for tourism. Invite users to "try on" national clothes or apply traditional makeup on their face, or choose a national course that reflects the "true Self" of the instagramer – the main thing is that the mask is implemented to the highest standard and contains elements that echo your brand.

Ask users to share their impressions of past trips

Today, nostalgia is more relevant than ever. Such mechanics allow you not only to keep a loyal audience connected to the brand, but also to win a new audience. And given that this is also UGC, you get an additional bonus of coverage and a lot of new ideas for posts.

Initiate the challenge

Users of social networks are happy to compete even in the most ridiculous challenges. But why not have fun in a themed challenge related to the culture of a particular country (this can be a recreation of attractions, cooking, or even a parody of an accent). Just remember the challenge that the Getty American Museum launched at the beginning of lockdown, and which was picked up by users around the world. Up to now, the network periodically pops up new "masterpieces" generated by this challenge.

250 content ideas for the travel industry

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