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Tourists Told about Travel Planning Issues



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Analysts from, an online booking service, learned from travellers what trip stage is most problematic for them.

Tourists consider an application for a visa to be the most difficult stage in preparation for a travel. 24% respondents who took part in a new survey told about it.

The destination choice took the second place—21% respondents experience issues at this stage. The same percentage of tourists told that they could have hard times when looking for fellow travellers.

Men have problems with the destination choice and search of fellow travellers more often than women—24% and 20% respectively voted for these options.

Other 13% respondents admitted that they do not like packing suitcases; the same percentage of respondents told that it takes them ages to plan a trip route.

12% travellers consider hotel selection and booking to be the most difficult stage of preparation for a travel. It turned out that it is more difficult for men to find and book a hotel—at this stage, 14% surveyed men and only 11% women experience issues.

A little fewer respondents voted for air ticket selection and purchase (11%), provided that this stage troubles men more (12% men vs. 10% women).

Tourists experience issues least often with the planning of leisure and entertainment during the trip (8%), as well as with the organization of transfer from an airport or a railway station to a hotel (4%).


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