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Where Rich Russians Went on New Year Holidays



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The most expensive weekend on this holiday became a family flight from Saint Petersburg to Phuket for two million rubles, evidenced by Aviasales.

Analysts of the travel metasearch engine note that more than half of Russians buy air tickets at the last moment, i.e. a week before the flight at best. That is why experts decided to make a rating of the most expensive air tickets after the holidays. This year, the first place was taken by a flight from Saint Petersburg while others in Top 10 are air tickets from Moscow.

Interestingly, one and two years ago, the Top 10 of high-cost routes included air tickets with a departure from regions, such as Vladivostok—Auckland (New Zealand) for 764 thousand rubles or Krasnodar—Miami for 400 thousand. This holiday, almost all ranking spots were taken by Muscovites.

So, the second place was taken by a flight from the capital to Punta Cana for 1.5 million rubles.

Besides, 1.2 million rubles was the price of an air trip from Moscow to Bali.

Paying one more million rubles, Muscovites flew to Phuket, Miami, and Bangkok.

40 thousand rubles less was the price of a trip to Buenos Aires.

For 900 thousand rubles, a couple of tourists went to celebrate the New Year to the Maldives.

816 thousand rubles was the price of a trip from Moscow to Mexico City, the capital of Mexico.

Top 10 is closed by one more flight to the Maldives, but for 800 thousand rubles.


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