Development of Packaging Design for Russian Consumers – Multi Colored Boxes, Bags, Packages Design Services

Development of Packaging Design for Russian Consumers


What is the first thing a buyer sees, when going to the store? Multi-colored boxes, bags and packages. In this enormous diversity of packaging the buyer selects the product that most attracts his attention, the one that stands out from the rest.

Many foreign companies believe that Russian consumers are no different from European, American and Asian consumers. But, the fact is that the Russian consumers have fundamentally different mentality, mindset and lifestyle.

The process of making purchasing decisions by consumers in Russia differs from the decision-making process of buying by European, American, Chinese, Korean or Japanese consumers. Packaging represents the face of goods and is the main source of information about the properties and characteristics of the product, and also acts to protect goods from the environment. 

Therefore, the packaging has a big responsibility and so the development of the packaging design should be taken seriously and thoughtfully. The development of the packaging design, should represent the position of the product on the marketThe packaging design must be in harmony with the overall product positioning.  It should emphasize the main advantages of the product and should highlight the differences from the other products.

Specialists of the Russian Marketing and Advertising Agency (RMAA) will professionally design a package. They also will help to create a good image of products which is most understandable and close to the customer. At RMAA we understand the importance of packaging and other functions therefore our employees pay much attention to informative packaging.

After all, a lot depends on what information will be posted. When designing packaging the RMAA will thoroughly study the product information because information on the packaging should be 100% accurate.

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