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Letter 8 – “Programmatic Buying and Big Data technologies in Russia”

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Since a university bench the marketing specialists of all stripes memorized the basic marketing mantras: target audience and key message. If the first one is correctly defined, you get insight into the second one and at that you have money for advertising, it means it's in the bag. And so it was just a while ago. But today clients are becoming more demanding: everyone wants the brand to be addressed personally to him and speak in his own language, offer a product that corresponds precisely to his wishes and not to bother importunate advices to buy unnecessary things. Big Data technologies will help the marketing specialists move to a new level.

I felt like a man from the prehistoric times when I first learned about the Programmatic Buying and Bid Data Technologies. Marketing specialists that "are targeting" audience in the old way through TV and outdoor advertising are simply "primitive people" compared to those who use the Programmatic Buying and Bid Data. I hope I did not hurt anyone because this message was addressed above all to me. But now I have improved and our agency uses up-to-date technologies while customer servicing.

I think you already know what it is, as in Europe, America and some Asian countries these lines are more strongly developed than in Russia. In Russia, such kind of buying is just gaining momentum.

So let's talk in more detail about these technologies and how they can be used for you benefit in Russia.
While on the Internet, each of us leaves behind a digital footprint: geolocations, conducted transactions, browsing history. By this endless stream we can recreate all our life, our intentions, interests and nature.

Using such data, the specialists can tell much about each user and predict his future behavior, comparing individual actions to the behavior of other representatives of the similar social group. And this is non-personal information: the information is processed impersonally, and therefore ethical standards are observed.

Today you can only envy the marketing specialists: never before they knew so much about those ones for whom they are working – about some customers and buyers. Programmatic locations, ready and individually created TA segments, the possibility to collect data on what online movies are watched, what mobile applications are used, what your customers buy in supermarkets, or to learn about changes in their revenues –all these and some other Big Data technologies can nowadays help marketing specialists accurately adjust targeting of advertising, offer individual customer service, protect their company from risks and increase revenues.

A basic programmatic principle – an advertiser buys not the impressions of advertising formats (banners, video, etc), assuming that they will be watched by some TA part but a target advertising contact with the audience. This is possible thanks to the technological platforms, Big Data technologies and the analytics of user behavior on the Internet.

As a rule, the system is divided into three main types of players: those who sell inventory (sites), those who buy it (advertisers) and user data operators. Such platforms are able to show advertising messages to the users of certain interests, for example, "driving funs", "looking for an apartment", "young parents", and thousands others.

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Vadim Tylik

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