Online Games Promotion

Video Games Promotion
in the Russian Market

How to market games to Russian-speaking
gaming community

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In our Complete Guide you will find answers to following questions:

  • How much money do Russians spend for video games?
  • What are the most profitable and successful PC, console and mobile games in Russia?
  • Who play digital games in Russia?
  • How to promote games in Russia offline?
  • And what are the best online tools for games promotion?

Also in the White Paper you will find the list of Top 20 Russian YouTube Streamers and Top 10 Public pages and Groups for Gamers in Vkontakte.

Russian market is one of the most attractive ones for foreign developers. Firstly, there are almost 65 million online game lovers in Russia. Secondly, the market has next to none national game content to offer, that is why users are happy to play foreign novelties. We created this White Paper specially for foreign online game developers who want to understand the specifics of the Russian video game market deeper and to win hearts of Russian gamers.
Vadim Tylik,

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