Radio station Europe Plus in Russia

Advertising on the Russian radio station Europe Plus

RMAA Group provides high quality services in the sphere of media planning advertizing on radio “Europe+”.

“Europe+” is the latest news of popular Russian and foreign hits. Only the brightest, fashionable and hit songs get into radio station air.

Aircast of “Europe+” is always full of various draws, quizes, competitions, that radio listeners take part in with a great pleasure. You can become a sponsor of one of such competitions within the context of which you will have a possibility to place presentation and advertizing of your product. Such advertising on “Europe+” will raise level of consumer trust to your goods and favorably influences the formation of the positive image of advertized brand.

Advertising on radio station ” Europe+” is guarantee of broadcasting all over the country in all regions.

Advertising on “Europe+” on the airwaves of such programs as Eurohit TOP 40, Radioactive Show, PLAY BOX, Kinomiks is good way to target the audience. Advertising can be also placed on air of the news block, weather forecast, astrologic horoscope.

Advertising on “Europe+” will help your business to be on one wave with young, active, dynamic radio listeners.

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How does the Media-Buying Market in Russia Work?

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