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Advertising on My World social network – Internet Marketing Services in Russia

Moi Mir (My World) is a social network of the largest Russian Internet company It includes dosens of projects, which are extremely popular in CIS Region. There are: two huge free messages - and ICQ, mail service, dating site, social network and other. The amount of followers of service is about 11,8 million per month. It is 5th popular site in Russia, first – in Kazakhstan and 27th in the world.

The feature of this social network is that there are more people from regions than from capitals (Moscow and Sain-Petersburg). Moi Mir works with top Russian TV channels, such as TNT and STS. Social net takes care about the legality of its content. Advertisement is targeted according to demographic (gender and age) and geographical parameters, as well as fields of interest. Partners of Mail Group enjoy various discounts.

Therer is a choice of possibilities for promotion on My World social network. Community creation and promotion. Promotion on [email protected] - internal target advertisement on Moi Mir. Online Banner advertising on My World. Context advertisement.


Moi Mir – social network description

Moi Mir target audience

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The main audience of My World social network are middle aged people. 78% of audience are people older than 25 years old. 52% of audience are men. 63% of audience are people with high education. Interests of users of My World are: 37% - games, 28% - music, 35% - video, photo and movies.

Extra about ad on My Wold

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The monthly audience share of social networks in Russia,%.

Calculated for the period of December 2016
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1.8 mln
Monthly audience reach

Core audience age

18.8% of Russian



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